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How to use newsletters ?

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It is difficult to remain aloof from the phenomenon called internet today. Millions of people surf millions of sites everyday for various reasons; an one cannot afford to miss the kind of exposure one gets. But to ensure people visit your site and to eventually buy products, a number of marketing strategies are employed.

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One of these is using newsletters to develop trust and friendship with your subscribers and then sending them to your main URL to buy your products. Despite being an old technique, newsletters are still popular and have helped many to increase their sales. In this cut throat world, it is necessary to communicate with your customers and provide them lots of information as a friend. People purchase or buy things from those they think they know. This is the secret behind the success of newsletters. To create new customers, and to retain old ones, newsletters are a time trusted technique, but only when used in an effective manner.

There is no doubt that you can win the trust of your newsletter subscribers if they perceive of you as a friend, and not as someone who is pestering them to buy something.

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  • Provide as much as possible information that is useful to your subscribers, even if it is not related to your products.
  • Appear as a friend and not as an aggressive seller as people are fed up with such salesmen already in their lives.
  • Relate with the problems of your subscribers and also ask for their opinions and views.
  • Be prepared to offer freebies in the form of e-books to make them feel obliged.
  • Do not annoy subscribers with a newsletter everyday and keep a gap of 2-3 days between your emails.
  • Keep the newsletters short but pack them with as much information as you can. Lengthy newsletters annoy customers and they are more likely to delete it, let alone read them.
  • Keep the content interesting so that your subscribers wait for the next issue.
  • Remember, people will not buy on impulse and you have to guide them slowly, creating need in their minds for your product.
  • Never offend your subscribers’ sensibilities and treat them as if you are talking to your real life friends.
  • Share funny and humorous incidents and also solve their problems.

If you are perceived as a friend who can be trusted, your chances of getting loyal customers are increased.

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