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HS Footwear Co.’s Top Safety Shoes and Boots for 2019

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Safety shoes are critical for people that work in situations that can be hazardous to their feet. Whether the danger comes from impacts, sharp protrusions, dangerous liquid or chemical hazards, or the possibility of crushing by heavy, mobile equipment, the right safety shoe can be very effective at mitigating the risk of injury. HS Footwear Co., a leader in international footwear manufacturing has compiled this short list of the top safety shoes for 2019.

Best Overall Work Shoe

Skechers Synergy Ekron

These shoes do an excellent job of balancing protection and comfort. They’re lightweight, with a relaxed fit that still adequately cradles the foot for good ankle protection. The toe is reinforced with a composite material that protects as well as steel but keeps the overall weight of the shoe down and doesn’t trap heat the way steel toes can. It also assures that Ekrons are electrically resistant.

For people on their feet for hours, the memory foam insole offers welcome support and cushioning, helping to distribute weight evenly and protect the heel from impacts. The sole is also engineered to help prevent slip and fall accidents. Considering all the features packed into this shoe, the sub-$100 price tag is surprising but welcome.

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Most Durable Work Boots

KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Boot

With a full rubber sole and leather construction, these work boots are extremely durable. The integrated steel toe cap features an asymmetrical design, which assures full, uniform protection from crush hazards on both the left and right foot.

Unlike many work boots, these Keens are extremely comfortable. Keen, most famous for hiking shoes, took a nod from these when designing this work boot. The heel is unusually snug for a work boot, and the toe box is more spacious than normal. This provides excellent protection while also allowing room for the toes to spread out, keeping the boot comfortable over a longer period of time. The boots provide strong, comfortable foot protection that will last.

Best Anti-Fatigue Work Shoes

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Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy-Toe EH Industrial & Construction Shoe

These shoes are designed with proprietary anti-fatigue technology built into the outsole which captures shocks and impacts and returns the energy to the foot, creating a light-weight shoe which feels well grounded. The toe box continues this trend, featuring an alloy cap which provides plenty of rigid protection without weighing down the shoe. These shoes can be worn for hours, under punishing conditions, and remain comfortable.

These are great for construction applications. They feature a strong anti-slip tread and are fully certified to resist electrical hazards such as stepping on live electrical circuits. The outer mesh breathes well, and, paired with their antimicrobial coating, these shoes help keep the wearer cool and comfortable even while working outside or in non-air-conditioned spaces.

No matter your job, HS Footwear Co. would recommend any of these three pairs of shoes. They will keep you comfortable while keeping you safe.

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