Monday, April 15, 2024

Infographic: How To Make the Ultimate Viral Video Now

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There’s no one right method of content creation or single platform that works for every company to reach customers. But there are parameters that can help companies create videos that can quickly catch on—building community, sharing essential content, and conveying important brand information. And those steps for creating, evaluating, and sharing viral videos are essential: It’s estimated that Internet video traffic will be about 80 percent of all Internet traffic in just four short years.

This engaging graphic helps to quickly distill key information about viral videos. For starters, it outlines the eight essential steps to creating a successful content. It also emphasizes the four areas that every company must cover when it comes to viral videos, including plan, produce, execute, and evaluate. It also offers key ideas to increase sharing, as well as deftly explains how psychology works among people who share.

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