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Last-minute Gift Ideas for Only Close People

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Gifting is an art, and shopping for your parents or your close friends can be very challenging, especially for those who seem to have or own everything. Gifts that are remarkable or practical are the goal but those take time and a lot of thoughts to find them.

Just in case you need some new ideas to know where to start, the blogProcess team has got you covered.

Alternatively, here are four gift ideas that will help you in your process of gifting:

1- Something for their loved pets:

People who have everything, prefer to get something for their pets instead of receiving something for themselves.
Gifting someone else a dog or cat is always a clever idea. You know they will enjoy whatever you get them and they will never return it.

Also, you will show them how creative and considering you are, by thinking of their beloved ones.

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Visit online stores like this one, to learn more about some interesting gifts for pets.

2- Something for their new homes:

The papers are already signed and the keys are in-hand… your friends are now new homeowners, but this kind of event deserves some considerations from you and a thoughtful gift that will help them start this new adventure.

Not all gifts are equal, think about something they will really need in their new home, something that they will remember it every time they are sitting and watching TV.

A new homeowner has a lot of charges and bills to pay in the next few days, if you can find something that will help reduce this cost and welcome her/him every time he enters her/his home, you will be remembered forever.

For example, you can search some modern chandeliers online and buy them a new ceiling light. They will love it for sure.

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3- Something for their daily routine:

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to buy your most loyal friends for the holidays.
So think of something that they can use every day and will help them stay active.

For example, if your friend is a huge coffee lover, gifting her/him a coffee mug is a cliché, but if you buy them a coffee subscription like the one proposed by Nate’s Coffee, your gift will have a whole different new meaning. And she/he will remember you every time she/he drinks the morning coffee or even when she/he receives the monthly package.

If you are gifting a girl, think of something that will be related to her beauty routine, products like Outta Sight Hair which is considered good for her daily hair care process. Or maybe this useful laptop tote purse that can be both used for her laptop and all her make tools at the same time.

If you are gifting a teenager, so buying him something like a hoverboard that will let the kid feels like they are flying and allows him to go anywhere he wants at fun speeds.

4- Something for their creative minds:

If you came up here and you still looking for the perfect gift for those hard-to-please people on your friend list. You should know that there is no such gift like a book. Giving someone a book is pretty much like sending them on a subliminal and mysterious vacation and for free.

Also, books are easy to wrap, will not break your bank, they last forever, they are easily re-giftable and the best of all no accessories are needed unless your girl love to read her books at night; in this case, a second gift like a beautiful and well-designed nightstand light will make the perfect combo.

Finding the right gifts for close people isn’t an easy task and the most obvious way to find that perfect gift for that special person is to know what she/he likes. These gift ideas are to help and to inspire you into thinking outside of the box.

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