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Learning the Top Five SEO Myths

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From the time the internet had been created and released to the public a huge number of information and data were presented and shared worldwide, such as Search Engine Optimization. Of course, since we are not certain of the authenticity of the writer of such information we cannot verify its validity yet. Working as a SEO for about three years has brought significant knowledge on such field and on various SEO Myths around the web.

Here are some of the myths on SEO:

Anchor TextPeople working on SEO field wrote so much information about the significance of Anchor text. What is Anchor text? Or how do you find an Anchor Text on a web page? Visit a website and then choose a text, if it is highlighted you will be taken to a new page once you click it. The highlighted text is called Anchor Text. Internet Marketing Company is an example of Anchor Text.

Anchor Text is relevant in SEO. Having an anchor text will help search engines in ranking your website. Here’s how it works. Suppose your site is about structures and then you provided relevant data about the cost of structures then using the phrase “video Manchester united” as your anchor text will boost your site’s ranking.

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Header Tags- Header tags are written as H1, H2, and H3 on your webpage. It helps you determine your heading and subheading. How important are these header tags? These are fairly important however it doesn’t have much to with increasing your rankings. Using header tags is fine but doesn’t guarantee anything. Hence, if you have header tags on your web pages then just leave it.

Keyword DensityMany are wondering about the appropriate keyword density that should be placed on their web pages. Well, there’s no exact amount of keywords recommended. However, keyword density is not a factor in Search Engine Optimization because if your focus is on your keywords alone while writing your articles or posts then it would result to a bad article. Hence, it is better that you write in a natural way of writing because real people are reading your posts, not robots. Real people wants unique and interesting articles, not dull and uninteresting posts.

Meta TagsThere are various information about Meta Tags and there are a lot of news about it on the web. On my own opinion, Meta Tags are not essential to SEO. Nonetheless, you are free to use Meta Tags when you want to but it would not increase your rankings. You can use it but do not use your keywords with it.

No Follow LinksDo not regard No Follow links as unhelpful in SEO because it actually helps a lot. Having Do Follow Links as well as No Follow links will help Google determine the validity of your site. Google prefer a good amount of Do Follow and No Follow links on websites. Apparently, the idea is opposed to what many users had believed in yet it’s true, having No Follow links can increase your search engine rankings though you cannot make a rank for keyword phrases.

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