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Linking internally in blog posts can improve their usability and their Google rankings

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If you introduce some internal links in the blog posts than it can help you in a variety of ways. It can actually help you to improve the usability of your blog posts. Also this will help your blog to climb high on the Google rankings. The fact is, that linking internally in blog posts can help you to make your blog really successful.

When you link internally in your blog posts it will be very helpful for your readers. This way you can easily provide some more detailed information about the topics tackled in your blog posts. It not only makes the regular readers come to the page again and again but it can also attract a lot of new readers. This ultimately can contribute in increasing the page views of your blog. Also, this way you can help to improve your visitors’ experience of browsing through your blog. This is also a fantastic way to introduce your regular visitors to some of the older posts on your blog.

The internal links in your blog posts can also help you with the search engine optimization of your blog. Just like you allow your regular visitors to discover the older posts through the internal links, similarly you can way you can help the search engines decide what content type is meant to be crawled through and indexed in their overall search results.

Internal linking often involves the use of anchor text in your blog posts. The anchor text is basically the clickable text complete with hyperlinks. The anchor text is basically place to inform the visitors about the subject of the page that is linked through it. This is why it is considered very important for all the links and even the internal ones.

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One thing is very important, you can not control the anchor text link by some other blog to your posts; however you can make sure that you use the important keywords in your own internal linking. For an instance for a movie blog, you can use a keyword phrase like movie review, for internal linking.

Most of the people writing blog posts usually use the internal links to link their newer posts to the older ones. You can also do it the other way round, if you want to.

In case your blog has a really good, older post which is linked to something written in your latest post, you can simply edit the old one to include an internal link back to the new post. This way you will be able to send some page rank juice to your latest post, which can acquire a better rank.

The fact is that linking internally in your blog post can help your blog to be a success, in terms of page views and can also help to make the user experience even more pleasant. Also, simultaneously the process will help your blog to achieve a better rank in the various search engines.

So, the next time you are writing post for your blog, make sure that you place some links internally.

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