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Linkwheels are still effective

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Whether you are just a blogger or own a website for the purpose of selling a product or service, your ultimate aim is to drive as many as possible visitors to your homepage so as to generate more sales. For this purpose many SEO techniques are used, and Link wheels are one of them. It is a technique where your main URL is kept at the centre and a whole network of Web 2.0 sites is made around it based upon keywords, thus providing a visitor with many reference points. Thus a network of interlinking hyperlinks is created to improve the business. This is a work that is handled by experts and difficult to understand for any normal person more interested in conducting a simp0le business online.

Link Wheel is just like the spokes of cycle that are interlinked. Here many websites have interlinking hyperlinks that point to one another presenting the look of a wheel. This is an ongoing process and you cannot rest assured once you have got a link wheel made for your site. It is true that link wheels help you surge ahead in search engine rankings but you need to keep it going by selecting a group of sites every week to begin making a new wheel. There are many advantages of using link wheels and nearly all the advantages relate to better Internet marketing.

Gets you interested customers

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If link wheel has been created by carefully choosing the websites that have content related to your website’s content, you can be sure of getting a traffic that has potential customers, and not just casual visitors.

Brilliant ploy to improve visibility

Those surfing the net are always on the lookout for fresh, meaningful content. Any visitor that lands on your home page and finds it interesting communicates about it with his friends. If you use Linkwheels taking help of social networking sites, you will get exponential exposure and more business. It will also improve the visibility of your product or service.


In a fast world, no one has the time and effort to create hundreds of backlinks to other sites. This is why Linkwheels have become a favorite among webmasters as it is easy and quite economical.

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Use of keywords

This is an exciting feature of Linkwheels which ensures that surfers searching with keywords used in your content will automatically be sent to your main site through a wheel of websites.

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