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Living and Working in Calgary

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Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada. There are around 1.3 million people living in Calgary, making it the third-largest municipality and fourth-largest metropolitan area in Canada. Weather in Calgary is characterized by four distinct seasons. It almost always cools off comfortably at night, when frost can occur at any time of the year.

Around one-in-three people living in Calgary were born outside Canada, so the city is very diverse. Calgary is ethnically diverse, with a population that is made up of many immigrants from outside Canada, predominantly Filipino, Indian and Chinese. Just over one-third of the population is a visible minority.

This booming city has plenty of wealth, but living costs are lower than in its coastal neighbor Vancouver. Calgary’s recovery from its most recent economic recession has kept Calgary Real Estate prices at competitive levels, which is great news for newcomers to Calgary. 

Calgary has a huge variety of cafes, restaurants, and pubs. All of them have an impressive offering in terms of dining out. Calgary has a number of cool, walkable, shopping districts with boutiques, quaint shops, chic fashions and numerous hidden treasures waiting to be found. Calgary loves its farmers’ markets, with crowds regularly storming venues for fresh local produce on weekends. Food isn’t all that’s available though: there are all kinds of surprises to be found in the region’s markets.

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Salaries in Calgary are typically above the Canadian average. Calgary’s economy is becoming increasingly diversified and the city’s workforce is spread across a wide range of industries. While undoubtedly the energy capital of Canada, Calgary is also a city with a diverse roster of well-established and flourishing industries. The city has the highest concentration of head offices in the country and a successful reputation bolstered by a legion of skilled workers. 

The online moving company released a 2018 study on the best places to find a job, which placed Calgary as the third-best city in the world to find employment. Calgary is home to many diverse sectors, but you may be surprised to know many job opportunities are in the tech sector.  High-tech workers make up about five percent of Canada’s total labor force, and Calgary has the highest concentration of tech workers in the country. 

But outside of work, there are many benefits to calling Calgary home. So many pros that it has been ranked as the fourth most livable city in the world. The highest-rated North American city on the index. The ratings are based on multiple factors, including stability, healthcare, education, and infrastructure.   

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