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Make Money Online via Reseller Hosting

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Reseller hosting is the term that is used for online business opportunity. In this type of online business opportunity, you can share the resources of your existing web hosting account. It means, you can share the resources of web hosting account that includes bandwidth, software, disk space, billing management and maintenance of website with third parties or even with your own customers. In this way, you can help your own customers or third parties for hosting their websites. This online business of reseller hosting is highly emerging in developing countries due to high charges of hosting companies in these countries. You can easily earn money by sharing your hosting resources with many customers especially in developing countries. If you want to earn by online via reseller hosting, just follow these three key steps.

  • Try to find some exceptional web hosting company that could provide you all the resources of web hosting in least possible charges. Remember one thing! The web hosting company should be reliable in terms of providing after-services.
  • Now, you need a website to provide your own hosting service by using your purchased hosting resources. Remember! The basic interferences for promotion of your service should be your own. However, to provide remaining resources like billing module, you can take help from resources of main hosting company.
  • You can split your reseller plan into many small packages like 50 or even 100 in numbers. For example, if your own reseller plan has charges $19.95 per month. You can split it to 10-15 customers or even more. In this way, you can charge $1 to $3 per customer. In this small fee, you have no need to provide customer support. You are just required to provide your contact information.
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