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Manage Your Maintenance Jobs in Half Time

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When it comes to the maintenance market, one of the most needed service I always get asked for by my clients is a property maintenance software to manage their business aspects.
And after years of using many products, my clients and I agree that only Job Tracker Professional lets you manage all your maintenance needs from inspections to estimations to work orders easily and in real time.Whether you’re in the office or out in the field Propertyware Maintenance has you covered. Manage more maintenance without adding expense, lower operating costs and increase productivity 50%, with the added benefit of improved customer satisfaction. And you can do it all from the property maintenance app.

Whether you’re working from your office desktop computer or out in the field with your mobile Job Tracker Professional will be ready to complete all your tasks.

Job Tracker Professional gives you the full and comprehensive view of all your maintenance projects so you can control everything from primary requests to project completion. And guarantee revenue optimisation, improve clients satisfaction and turn your workers happier while you supervise all your maintenance processes and keep everybody informed every step of the way.

Job Tracker Professional main features are:
– Full management: You can manage everything, from handling leads, quotations, scheduling engineers, tracking jobs all the way through to issuing invoices and making sure you get paid;
– Complete mobile solution;
– OnLine Portal: A password protected solution for your clients to keep them informed and allow them to fill needed info;
– Sage integration: A fully worked integration tool that will update your financial information with Sage Line 50;
– Cloud Based: A hosted cloud solution enabling you to manage everything, anywhere and anytime;
– Training and support: The company provide a wide range of training materials on youtube and other platforms to help you get around everything.

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With These and more, you will  achieve a total visibility into all aspects of your maintenance project and reduce your handling time to half what you are using today.

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