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Methods for Incorporating Twitter into an Online Marketing Campaign for Your Business

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Twitter is one of the most versatile business marketing tools available online today since it is quite simple and accessible to everyone. Marketing your business through Twitter has proven to be very effective since it allows to businesses to easily and instantly contact their customer base. There are various methods to incorporate this social microblogging platform into your business’ marketing plan.

First of all, you must select a method of Twitter marking that would be suitable for your business. Twitter marketing can be implemented to focus on a large selection of user. It is possible for businesses to ensure current customer loyalty by holding special sale events, contests, and through coupon give away. In order to increase the business’ exposure on Twitter, the business can put their Twitter ID on their products, business cards, receipts and even throughout their store. Uniquely, several businesses offered discounts or other bonuses to customers following them on Twitter which was quite beneficial for their business.

Businesses must understand specific profiles of Twitter users if they wish to obtain new customers of a certain niche. Businesses must understand the specific interests of these users such as the segments they enjoy, their profession, and problems they face. With this knowledge, business can use several of Twitter’s features such as its search engine and location based search services to locate users which are included in that specific segment.


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Next, the business or company must decide on the actual person tweeting their marketing campaign. This can be an essential factor of the business marketing campaign even though appointing the actual person sending tweets is often over looked. Basically, anyone with basic knowledge of Twitter can fill this position; it can be a staff member or even the company’s owner or president. But for a more professional option, businesses can appoint interactive marketing agencies to manage their Twitter account. This decision must be taken seriously since there are pros and cons to each choice which can decide the success of the marketing campaign.

Usually presidents or owners of companies wish to have the final say on their Twitter marketing tweets but on the other hand, they don’t really have the time to be fully engaged on Twitter. Then again, when a company hires someone else to manage their Twitter account, there is a strong possibility that this person will have limited knowledge on the company’s products and services. Employees have enough information about the company to easily tweet and reply to questions on Twitter. This makes employees the ideal selection for managing the Twitter account along with social network marketing experts to assist in the development of the marketing campaign and strategy.

Next the company must decide to implement a singular or multi-stream approach. We have to understand that Twitter marketing can work internally and externally. Businesses can use Twitter to increase the communication and develop company moral thus increasing professionalism. Twitter can also be used to be up to date with the latest information from suppliers, vendors and other complementary businesses. Most importantly Twitter as a social microblogging platform can be utilized for customer service and advertising.

It is vital for the company to select the best methods of using Twitter, since it is necessary to settle on the amount of freedom to give to its employees and the amount of information to be made public. Since Twitter is a social networking platform, it is difficult to have privacy on it; there even have been cases where private messages accidently stray to the wrong users or are posted publicly. It is vital for companies to make a corporate guideline for employees using social networking website such as Twitter to exploit its benefits while limiting any potential risks. Though, these guidelines are different for each company since each company has different security requirements.

Twitter is not too complex to use but it requires detailed planning as well careful understanding for a successful Twitter marketing campaign. Collaborating with a professional online marketing agency can utilize Twitter as a versatile social networking platform to become an essential part of a company’s communications and marketing strategies.

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