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Modern startup’s recognition culture

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While today workplace presents enormous opportunities for startups to scale without open new offices or limiting their talent search to one country, the fact that it’s virtual and mobile can also sit an existential challenge to startup’s recognition culture.

The modern management challenge is how do we build company recognition culture when employees are separated in multiple countries or working in differents time sections?
And today workers are having more and more challenging days to get through, so they will need motivation, which entrepreneurs can satisfy by building an inspirational environment, all day, every day.

A startup can find many ways to establish the recognition culture and motivate their employees and here are some:
– Sharing the credit: When you give the credit and provide people with praise, you are much more likely to inspire and motivate your co-workers and employees to do their best.
– Good is contagious: Most recognition programs rely on managers or executives to compensate the achieving employee. But as all employees know, the best achievement recognitors are often their co-workers. So try to build a system where each one can assist and recognize each other.
– Improve your listening skills: You need to listen to learn. Be mindful, make eye contact, and insist that your employees follow your example with their co-workers.
– Sometimes you just need to ask: What motivate one person might not be useful for another. Make the effort to get to know your employees. Some prefer recurring commissions while many assume larger paychecks motivated them in a better way.
– Always say thank you: Easy!

Not all startups will be able to use all of these tips, but by doing some, you’re telling employees you care.
Startup’s recognition culture should not be viewed as a luxury thing. It is a vital requirement for high-performing startups that want to perform efficiently and build talented and motivated teams.

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Share with us your thoughts and tell us how you build Recognition Culture in your Startup.


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