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National Legal Staffing Support Discusses the Type of Services Staffing Companies Provide

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Each law firm has unique challenges and opportunities. A one-size-fits-all solution to staffing services is seldom the answer. In this article, National Legal Staffing Support explores some of the various options available to their clients.

Fast hiring

Finding, vetting, interviewing, deciding, and onboarding the right legal staff can be time-consuming. Just lining up interviews with potential candidates with the qualifications of your job description can take weeks, if not months.

In most cases, when a law firm or corporate legal department begins a new hire search, it’s because they need someone now. The delay caused by the hiring process can represent a significant cost.

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A legal process outsourcing (LPO) staffing agency can reduce the time between the decision to hire and the full productivity of the new employee. This is done by streamlining the finding, vetting, and onboarding processes. Interviewing and deciding still fall to the firm.

Finding: Because an LPO is always in the “finding” mode, they will have a list of qualified candidates at a moment’s notice. Within hours a stack of prescreened qualified resumes will be sent to the firm’s hiring manager.

Vetting: Part of the prescreening process performed by an LPO includes vetting previous employment and education history. By the time the firm’s hiring manager sees the resumes, the vetting process has been completed.

Onboarding: Once the firm chooses the candidate they want to hire, onboarding begins. Onboarding is made easy with a staffing firm. The LPO takes care of the contracts, taxes, and other payroll-related needs.

Small and medium-sized law firms can quickly scale up their operations with National Legal Staffing Support’s assistance. With streamlined hiring, firms can respond dynamically to increasing client demand.

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Flexibility and Reduced Risk

Flexibility and risk are two important factors to consider when hiring new employees. More flexibility and less risk are the goals.

Flexibility: In workflow task assignments, flexibility is achieved by having many employees to choose from. This makes it possible to assign each task to the employee with the right skills and experience. Maintaining a large pool of employees, however, is not cost-effective. A staffing agency solves this problem by maintaining the pool of employees for their clients. The client can then exercise the greatest amount of flexibility for delegating tasks.

Risk: There are certain risks associated with each employee. There are operational risks, such as when an employee decides to leave and takes valuable information or job knowledge. There are financial risks related to taxes and insurance. An LPO assumes these risks for their clients.

A Range of Labor Options from Temp to Permanent Recruitment

Having access to a range of labor options helps law firms stay profitable. For some firms, under some circumstances, a temporary hire makes the most sense. Especially for short-term tasks expected to end soon, hiring someone to help out for a few weeks or a couple of months makes sense.

In other circumstances, a law firm wants to grow without the time-consuming job of finding, vetting, and onboarding a new employee. They may also want to keep their options open if the employee they hire doesn’t work out.

An LPO solves both of these problems. A temporary employee expects to work for a specified period. That’s what fits their life circumstances. They’ll be happy to finish a task, but don’t expect to stick around.

A temp to a permanent employee, on the other hand, is looking for long-term employment. A law firm’s advantage is that the firm can forgo the hiring process until it fits their budget, and they know they have the right employee.

About National Legal Staffing Support

National Legal Staffing Support is a pioneer and leading provider of legal process outsourcing. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, the company offers front- and back-office support to experienced consumer protection attorneys specializing in debt resolution. National Legal Staffing Support offers paralegal services, document management solutions, pre-litigation support, pre-filing analysis, research, and client communication management.

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