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Passwords mean life to bloggers

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Passwords are literally matters of life. Without them, online banking, dealing with the IRD, e-mail and many other daily activities, but vital, simply not possible. Maintain such insurance is not as difficult, however, the consequences of forgetting to do so may be very serious.


The good news is that creating passwords difficult to guess and keep them protected is not difficult to do.

Ideally, your password should appear as a random set of letters and numbers. That’s what you need to know to create secure passwords:

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– Letters, numbers and symbols. Using a combination of numbers and other symbols such as & ^ %$)@!) , making your password harder to guess.

– Length Affairs. Each additional character is added to your password makes it more difficult for hackers to crack. Strong passwords should be at least 8 characters long, 14 characters is more ideal, if allowed.

– Some systems allow you to use spaces in passwords. This means that you can create a password consisting of several words. This is not only easier to remember, but is generally longer than what is harder to guess.

– Remember that not guess: Last but not least, the use of passwords and passphrases can remember, but are extremely difficult to guess.

Opinions vary widely, but in my opinion the best way to keep track of passwords and pass phrases is to write them on paper. While your written list of passwords are stored safely should be much more difficult to get the passwords stored on your PC. Applications password manager and supposedly secure web pages can still be compromised

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How to create a password ?

Creating a strong, memorable password neededn’t be difficult and can be done with these simple steps:

–  Use a phrase you can remember easily and can form the basis for your password.

– Check the system’s ability to know what kinds of passwords it supports. Can support special characters and numbers? If space permits, use them in your password.

–  A mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters. This allows you passwords easy to remember which are difficult to guess. Similarly, the numbers to replace letters .

– Use symbols. Combine the symbols that resemble letters of your password. This method could, for example, replacing an A with an @. Again, it is easy to remember, but difficult to guess.

Avoid weak passwords

Weak passwords are usually obvious, logical or easily guessed by someone who also knows a bit about yourself – and the amount of personal information that many people put online social networking sites, is receiving care.

– No logical sequences or repeated characters. Passwords such as “12345678”, “222,222”, “abcdefg” or adjacent letters as “QWERTY” is not safe.

– Avoid the obvious. Using part of the name, date of birth, name of your pet, or your address is a no-no password. Obvious passwords are one of the first things a hacker tries.

– Use multiple passwords. If you one of the computers or online services that you use got haccked, all other computers and online services, accessible by the same password can be compromised.

– Never, never send your password via email. Emails are the digital equivalent of a postcard that can be read as it passes through hundreds of mail servers on its way to the recipient.

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