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Pay Per Post companies – Part1

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Blog writing has emerged as a popular cultural phenomenon these days. Not only does a blog act as a wonderful tool for self expression on the Internet but it also offers a chance to make some money. There are a lot of services which can help a blogger to earn a good amount of money with the help of his or her blog. Here is a review of some of these popular services.


1) Sponsoredreviews

Sponsored reviews, is a service that requires the bloggers to write honest reviews about the products and services of the advertisers. The reviews have to be written in a unique tone and style and have to be directed towards attracting readers’ attention.

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How it works?

The bloggers can create a profile for their blogs to attract advertisers. Advertisers will directly contact the bloggers and offer to purchase their reviews.

The bloggers can also search for advertisers and bid on jobs. The service has a unique bidding system. It is designed to help the bloggers negotiate their rates with the advertisers so as to earn the maximum money possible.

Once a blogger accepts to write a review he or she has 7 days to complete the assignment. When he or she posts the review on his or her blog, the URL of the post must be entered into the service’s system. These reviews are accessed by the service’s staff and are used accordingly.

Minimum payment and payment method

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The minimum payment is $5 per blog post and the payment is made on a bi-weekly basis through Paypal.

Popular perception

The service is really popular among the bloggers as they get a chance to contact the advertisers directly and can also rely on the service to sell their reviews on their behalf.


2) Payperpost

Payperpost is a service that pays good money to the bloggers to write about certain products and services on their blogs.

How it works? provides the bloggers with an opportunity to earn cash for simply providing their feedback on the companies and their products and services. This feedback has to be in the form of an individual opinion. Full disclosure is required in the feedback.

The service works in two ways. The first one is to work with PayPerPost to write for the companies. The second way is to utilize the PayPerPost direct widget to directly get in touch with new and existing PayPerPost advertisers. The widget has to be hosted on the blog and as soon as the advertisers see it, they can contact the blog owner through the same widget.

Minimum payment and payment method

The minimum payment comes to $500 per month and the payment is made through a PayPal account.

Popular perception

People who work with the service are known as ‘Posties’. As a fact all these ‘Posties’ are happy with the service and the kind of money they make with it.


3) Smorty

Smorty is a service with a blogger community that helps to earn money by making the bloggers write articles about the products and services of the advertisers that include the advertisers’ links.

How it works?

Smorty offers the bloggers with two ways to make money. It pays the bloggers for simply writing updates on their blogs about people, certain products and services. The bloggers get to write their opinions on subjects that actually interest them. They can also publish multiple blogs to make more money.

Smorty also offers money to the bloggers for simply publishing the pay-per-click advertising on their blog, which are to be clicked by the blogs’ visitors.

Minimum payment and payment method

Minimum payment is $6 per post and the payment is made to the bloggers through PayPal.

Popular Perception

Bloggers usually patronize this service because they get to earn money by simply placing the pay per click ads on their blogs. Most of the bloggers maintain a balance between the number of articles written and the number of ads placed on their blogs.


4) ReviewMe

ReviewMe, as the name suggests helps the bloggers to make money by reviewing and promoting some products.

How it works?

The blog owners have to submit their blog or website to be included into the ReviewMe publisher network. On approval the blog or the website enters the ReviewMe marketplace and clients start to purchase reviews from the bloggers.

Minimum amount and payment method

The minimum amount paid is $20.00 and $25 based on the method of payment. The first mode is the ReviewMe Prepaid MasterCard with a minimum payment of $20; the second is through check, with the minimum payment of $25. The final mode of payment is Paypal and there is no minimum payment limit.

Popular Perception

The bloggers are usually satisfied with the publisher network. They especially praise the fact that there are more than one modes of payment.

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