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Performance Tuning Chip for Reducing the Business Costs and Our Test for The Supreme Performance Chip 4.0

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Running a small business or a Startup isn’t cheap. You need to be wise. Because a simple way to boost your profit is to spend smarter. And one of the most creative ways to reduce business costs without sacrificing quality is to reduce increase the quality and performance of your assest while reducing the cost of their operations.

This way every small business using or operation a good number of cars should consider using a Performance Tuning Chip.

What is a Performance Tuning Chip?

Before digging deeper, if you are hearing about PTC for the first time, you will wonder what is it and why you should use one for your vehicles, so let’s start by answer the simple question, What is a Performance Tuning Chip?

As much as the name sounds technical, the answer is easy and simple, because the Performance Tuning Chip is a device that you connect to your vehicule to change or modify an excisiting erasable programmable chip in your vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve a better and superior performance, and could more power, cleaner emissions, better fuel efficiency or all of them.

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Why and How to choose a good Performance Tuning Chip for my vehicule?

To be honest, not all Performance Tuning Chip are equal and not all of them are performing the same way they advertise for it.

So before buying your make sure that you only order from trusted vendors.
Also, ask if their device is 100% compatible with your own vehicle.
And don’t forget to read what people are saying about it on the web, and especially the ones with the same vehicle models as yours.

Supreme Performance Chip 4.0

I personally use my car the full day, driving from a meeting to another, or to follow a story to write about. And in the last few months, I was looking for a good Performance Tuning Chip for my car after a friend of mine tipped to use one to reduce the cost of my daily operations.

So I started a new journey to find a chip that is going to work for my car and that I can trust. And after doing some quick researches on Google I found that there are only few brands that you can rely on for a really better performance for your car.

And Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 was the one that cut my attention since the beggining.

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  • First of all, the Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 is a Great Lakes Auto Corp‘s product, a known company not like the other models who are mostly anonymously manufactured.
  • It comes with USA FREE shipping or international shipping of just $9. Your order will also be dispatched within 1 business day via USPS First Class mail. Which adds an extra layer of trust to the operation.
  • 30 days hassle-free return. No question asked. You got the idea by now?
  • Their chips leave no footprint in the car engine’s CPU. So, no warranty worrying.
  • No tools or laptop required for installation, simply plug & drive. As easy as it sounds, it will only take 3 minutes to install it.

Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 is also:

  • 45% or more horsepower.
  • 40% or more torque.
  • Faster acceleration.
  • Eliminates engine, turbo and supercharger lag.
  • Your engine will run cleaner.
  • Works with customized wehicles.
  • DYNO tested.
  • Patented programming method.

My personal experience with Supreme Performance Chip 4.0

After the magic 3-minute installation, I took my car for a drive, and since the first second I could notice the difference. Less sounds, and way better acceleration.

I felt how smooth is my engine and how the car responded to my actions in a fine way.

But that’s not all, because with the daily use of my car, I found that the engine and the gaz pedal responses are quicker and it comes with more power, like the chip is learning how to perform better or it’s just keep fixing my car problems in a graduate way. And that’s leading to less gas consumption, which meaning reducing the cost of my daily trips.

Also with the great performance, you are mentally feeling the ease of driving which is a huge gain that you can’t even compare to cost.


The overall experience was surprising, the ease of doing an order, the very reasonable price, the fast delivery, and the performance promise that was not only respected but over-delivered just blew my mind.
And take it from a lady that find it hard to understand everything related to cars, Supreme Performance Chip 4.0 will change your relationship with your car and will push you to know more about your road buddy.

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