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Pointers to Start Twitter Marketing for Your Business

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With the birth of social networking platforms, online marketing has become more direct and focused to the potential customers. Static pages have become redundant since being replaced with more dynamic content based on social interaction.

With the increased popularity of social networking website such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook online marketing has evolved to be more specific. Businesses can now offer compact but detailed marketing information which can be ranked and reinforced by its popularity to other users of these social networking sites. Some consider this type of online marketing as micro marketing which has made keyword saturated static content unnecessary. With micro marketing the most vital and essential marketing information can quickly be posted and linked with a shortened URL to a website or blog which contains the entire marketing information.



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The introduction of Twitter in 2007 has changed the face of online marketing; businesses realized that with the 140 character limit for tweets, they had to be creative in creating attractive and concise marketing information. Businesses were required to make simple, focused and direct messages to work like the headline of any newspaper in order to grab user’s attention. With the increased popularity and development of Twitter, along grew the user base and audience, starting from ordinary fun teenagers tweeting about their daily routine to professional online marketing experts sharing their ideas, all within 140 characters.

Twitter marketing has made it possible for simple home industries or even stay a home moms working part time to promote their products and services. Twitter helps these businesses since it is essentially a valuable online micro marketing system which is free and always online. The success of your Twitter marketing campaign only depends on your work rate and dedication.

Basically, your business’ Twitter account can run automatically along with your website or blog since there are countless of plugins, web based applications and tools that can be incorporated to your marketing campaign. These additional Twitter features will allow you to automate your tweets therefore helping you obtain new prospective customers and build a bigger list of followers that may be interested in your product or service.

Starting your Twitter marketing campaign is as easy as going to their website and sign up for an account for your business. It is important to put in detailed and interesting facts of your business on the bio in order to attract potential customers. Once you have completed the task above you are ready to start tweeting.

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Also, fully featured Twitter clients are available which can continuously tweet with customized information based on any business’ requirements. These services allow anyone with a Twitter account to have unlimited access to millions of users in Twitter.

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