Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Pointing domains from Godaddy to blogger

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I received too many e-mails from people who asked me to explain how to point domains from Godaddy to blogger after the changes from the company for the DNS management.

I just visit the new system and made this small tuto.

So after login to your account you will see something like that containing a list of all the domains :

– Click in the (Advanced Details) next the domain name you want to point to blogger.
– In the next page scroll down till you see DNS Manager :

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– Click the Launch link in the end of the DNS Manager section. Make sure that you are pointing to Godaddy Name servers to see this link.
– After that scroll down again to the WWW line and enter “ghs.google.com” instead of the @, and you may have something like that :

– Scroll up to the A (Host) section and enter this IP : instead of the old one and you should have this :

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– Click in the Quick Add

button just under it, to enter other IPs.
– Enter an other @ in the Host column and the address
– repeat the same action to enter and
– Click Save Zone File
– At the end you will get :

– Now go to Blogger and click on Settings -> Publishing -> Custom Domain -> Switch to advanced settings

– Then enter your domain and the word verification and click “Save Settings” like I did in this message :

– Wait for a while the DNS changes and after that you can access your blog with your own domain name.
– Enjoy 😉

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