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Relevant tips in picking your blog’s name

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When it comes to picking a blog name, there are certain rules that you will have to consider:

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  1. Create a name that indicates your blog focus- Most online users check the link first before going directly to a blog especially when they are using a search engine. Hence, you will need a relevant name that would indicate something about your blog’s content.
  2. Use an easy and notable name- For instance your blog is about health, fitness and exercises. Then instead of using all these words as blog name, make an easy name that is easy to remember. Make sure that it is simple.
  3. Blog name should match your domain name- There are bloggers that ignore this rule probably because first, getting a domain name that would match your blog name takes a lot of time and effort. Nevertheless, domain names which are not suitable with the blog name you provided could only drive away potential readers. Getting a domain name that would match the name of your blog is the best way to get more readers. Suppose readers type your name on the address bar, they can easily find your blog.

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