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Resistance Bands for Triceps: Charleston Fitness Expert Andrew Demetre Explains a Solid Exercise for Every Level

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Resistance bands are an underrated piece of exercise equipment. They’re incredibly versatile, beginner-friendly, and allow you to work on many different muscle groups without bulky gear. 

If you’re looking to strengthen your triceps, there are many exercises you can do with resistance bands at any fitness level. In this guide, Andrew Demetre, Charleston’s favorite fitness and health coach, shares with you band-based tricep exercises you won’t be able to resist.

Resistance Band Tricep Extension

The tricep extension is all about building strength in the triceps and shoulders. These extensions target each section of the tricep, improving overall definition and strength within the muscle. It’s also a more straightforward exercise, but it still has advantages at every fitness level.

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Start by standing in the middle of your band, and grab each end with either hand. Stand upright and engage your core and glutes, taking care not to arch your lower back. Extend your arms up over your head without flaring out your elbows. Finally, bend your elbows to hit 90 degrees, and push the band up again.

Resistance Band Triceps Kickback

If you don’t have enough shoulder mobility, tricep extensions can be too challenging or painful. The triceps kickback with your resistance band is the answer, as it massively reduces strain on your shoulders. 

This exercise can be helpful even if you can do a triceps extension, as they can improve stability and are great for warm-ups or lighter and recovery workouts.

Loop your band around something secure, and inch forward so there’s enough room to extend your arms behind you. Hinge at your hips, and keep your elbows in at your side. Extend your arms until your triceps contract, then slowly return to your original stance.

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Resistance Band Push-Downs

The band triceps push-downs can target the triceps most effectively. They hone in on the muscle’s medial and lateral heads, boosting the muscle’s strength and the surrounding joints. 

Do a band push-down by securing your band to a high point, like a door hinge — anything solid and elevated. Pull on your band with both hands, so your upper arm lies straight at your side with your forearms facing upward at the band. 

Continue pulling the band down until your arms are straight and you can touch your thigh with your thumbs. Go back up to the previous stance and repeat.

Building Bigger Triceps Better

No matter which stage you’re at in your fitness journey, resistance band exercises are approachable and easy to do with minimal equipment. And with these exercises, you can start improving your tricep strength and mobility today!

About Andrew Demetre

Andrew Demetre, a Charleston-based health coach and physical trainer, has been passionate about achieving peak physical fitness since his P.E. coach gave him his first glimpse into the world of bodybuilding in 9th grade. 

Since then, Demetre has set up a shop in Charleston, South Carolina, where he uses his knowledge to train his clients from the comfort of their homes. He believes that every person can achieve their physical ideals once they tap into their potential.

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