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Retirement Funds – A Financial Strategy You Cannot Afford To Ignore

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If you are gaining a regular income today, you will need to start thinking of the larger picture. Retirement is something we rarely spend too much time thinking about at a younger age. But you do not want to postpone your retirement planning – in fact, the sooner you start saving for the golden years, the more secure your future.

IRA Or 401K

IRA and 401K both have their benefits and are designed for long-term returns. You can actually invest in both. The 401K option is restricted to those who work in a company that offers the facility. In a 401K, your employer also contributes along with you. An IRA is a scheme in which you contribute individually. The contributions you can give in a 401K are capped higher than in an IRA – three times more.

The advantage that 401K has is that your employer matches 100% of the payment so that is equivalent of an immediate 100% return on your investment – something an IRA will take much longer. Both of these options offer significant tax benefits. You can talk to the experts at to know more about the nuances of the 401K and IRA.

The 401K has more conditions for eligibility apart from requiring you to work in a company that offers one in the first place.  Some employers will require you to work for at least a year before you are eligible while in quite a large number of cases, you have to be registered as a full-time employee to be eligible.

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How Do I Choose My IRA?

There are a few things to consider when you have decided on an IRA. Which one do you choose? The options are traditional and Roth but the final choice depends on your unique situations and requirements.

Start from the basics – ensure that your compensation is eligible for an IRA contribution. What kind of income is eligible? Salaries, tips, fees for professional services, income from self-employment, and wages – these are all considered to be income eligible for an IRA contribution.

If you are getting income from another investment or you are a landlord getting income from rent, then you cannot use that as money for an IRA fund. There is an overall income cap too – if you earn more than a certain amount of money per year as an individual or as a family, you will not be eligible for IRA contributions.

This is referred to as the modified adjusted gross income or MAGI. If your tax filing status is single then your MAGI has to be less than $135000 a year. If you are joint-filing your taxes as a married couple, then your limit is $199,000. Your IRA limit is also reduced if you fall within certain ranges of income.

Check on the limits of your contribution also. For the year 2019, the limit has been set at $6000 while those above 50 have a higher threshold or catch-up option. Your age is another important factor when you are choosing your IRA option. Those who are above 70 and a half year old at the end of last year will have to make contributions to a Roth IRA and not a traditional one.

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Would you like the option of taking out your savings before you reach retirement age? The Roth IRA allows the option of taking out the invested sum – not the gains.

Save On Taxes

Take advantage of the tax breaks with IRAs and 401K provisions. If your MAGI (modified adjusted gross income) is below $63000, your entire contribution is tax-deductible. Learn to calculate how your long-term tax savings can be achieved by adding to retirement savings. It can get complex so it is recommended that you reach out to an expert for a consultation.

Secure your future

IRAs and 401Ks are instrumental in securing the financial futures of millions in the USA. They have been trusted savings options for generations and remain an integral part of the larger economic system. The trends suggest that a chunk of millennials are acting on their retirement plans early.

Your post-retirement years are the stage for all the things that you love. Prepare your income plans so that you are able to live a charmed life and there are no compromises. It is important that you spend time navigating the options now and finding the best combinations. Speak to an expert – wealth management services will guide you in a professional manner and you avoid costly mistakes.

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