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Romote RSS feeds to generate money and traffic to blog

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RSS Feeds are very popular among the blog owners. When the blog owners include the RSS Feeds on their blog, it helps to keep their readers informed about the updates on their blog. If you have a blog you should definitely promote RSS Feeds as it can help to attract traffic towards your blog.


What are RSS Feeds?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds are designed to help the readers. They allow a reader to select the types of blogs that cater to his or her interest. With the help of RSS Feeds, the reader does not have to enter the URL addresses for each of the individual blogs; he or she can read all the recent postings on all the blogs selected by him or her at a single location. This has made RSS Feeds quite popular among the blog owners as well as readers.
If a reader would want to access to the RSS Feeds from your blog, he or she has to become a member of your blog. This means that the number of members for your blog will automatically increase.

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You will have to place a RSS Feeds button on your blog that will allow the readers to register to your blog so they can receive all the new posts from your blog through their RSS Feeder. Your RSS Feeds will send updates to your members within just thirty minutes, after you enter a post.

The advantages offered by RSS feeds

RSS Feeds offer you a convenient way to promote your blog. At each instant when you add an entry on your blog, it is automatically sent to all the members of your blog. The more regularly you update your blog the more your name will be remembered by the established readers. Also it will improve the chances that your blog appears on the first few search results generated by the leading search engines. It will help to attract potential readers, as when the new readers will see your blog appearing on the search engine results pages they will automatically gauge that you dedicatedly provide your readers with timely as well as updated content.

If you have a RSS Feeds option on your blog, the prospective readers will automatically understand that the blog is worth a subscription. Since the process of signing up for the membership of a blog as well as its RSS Feeds is really simple, it attracts the curious readers to give your blog a try.
If you keep on adding new posts full of information on your blog, the RSS Feeds will send it to the members it will turn the new members into loyal readers and will eventually help the blog to become more popular by word of mouth.
So RSS Feeds play a dual role in the promotion of your blog. They keep the existing members updated about all the latest tips, ideas and information. Also The RSS feeds attract the new readers and hence generate more traffic to your blog.

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