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SEO Instructions for Blogging

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It is extremely difficult to stay away from Internet these days. With millions of websites and as many visitors coming in search of various things and information to these sites everyday, it is indeed a very alluring prospect for anyone doing a business selling a product or service. And what better way to do this than starting your own blog. Blogging has become integral part of Internet and helping hundreds of thousands of people to earn decent money from the Internet. If you are new to Internet marketing, SEO is the wonder word that can make your blog popular and bring scores of potential customers to your webpage. Search engines have a fondness for blogs, but you have to use effective techniques to make sure you rise in search engine rankings.

There are both ‘On page SEO’ and ‘OFF page SEO’ techniques. With On page, I mean adding content to your writing that might be pleasing to the search engines. Using Meta tags, you let search engines something about your blog. These are HTML codes that search engines look for in any blog. These are actually set of words that you use in title and your content. This is an important tool to increase the ranking of your page automatically.

The marketing techniques you use outside the realm of your blog are called Off page SEO techniques. You need to submit your articles to as many article directories as possible. Make good use of the resource box that is allowed by adding useful links to your website. More the number of links you use, higher the ranking of your website. This is a time consuming process, but soon you will have a number of inbound links to your webpage and you will see a corresponding improvement in the rank of your webpage.

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Social networking sites have become extremely popular these days and it is prudent to become members of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace to attract as many visitors to your website or blog as possible. This really easy, but you need to win the trust of the members by appearing to be their friend and by building relationships. Give your opinion to others blogs and take interest in others on the site, and people will be interested in you. Do not hard sell and be prepared to offer valuable advice free of cost to make others interested in you. Invite people to subscribe to your newsletters which you can use effectively to promote the product you want them to purchase.

These are some of the important techniques to improve the ranking of your blog in the shortest possible time.

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