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SEO Or Social Network Traffic: Which Is Better For Your Blog?

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A blog can benefit from both the process of search engine optimization (SEO) as well as from the social network traffic. However it is important to choose one and most of the people are not able to make this choice. If you are also confused about making a choice for your blog, here is a look at what is better for your blog; SEO or Social network traffic.

To decide between SEO and social network traffic for your blog, you should first understand how you can befit from the two. Here is a look at the benefits of the two.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO can help if you want to monetize your blog with relevant ads. People clicking on ads always look for more information, services or products.

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SEO can be really helpful if you desire quantity of traffic rather than quality. The really good reason to desire huge quantity of traffic is that it can help to attract the attention of the advertisers. If you can easily get thousands of clicks everyday on your blog without the visitors actually spending too much time there, the advertisers will still have a field day. This is because the huge traffics can turn into a number of chances for sales. This is really important to the advertisers.

SEO is the easiest way to reach the target consumers. This is because not many people use Facebook or Twitter as much as they use the various search engines like Google or Yahoo! This means that more people can learn about your blog and visit it through the search engines instead of the social networking websites.

Social Network Traffic

social networks

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The social network traffic that reaches your blog can actually be repeated visitors, if they like what you have to offer. You can make them subscribe to your blog, by providing you an easy way.

Relying on social network traffic allows you to be as creative as possible with your blog. You do not have to worry about the requirements of the search engines and the limitations placed by them.

Also relying on social network traffic will offer you a chance to avoid using the keywords as a rule. It also allows you to use images or videos on your blog without worrying. This way you can add some interesting innovations on your blog, which in turn can cause people to visit your blog again and again while the may also refer it to their friends and acquaintances. This will further help to widen the members’ base.

Well now that you know the benefits of both SEO as well as Social Network Traffic, here is something to sum it all up.

The fact is that if you desire a huge traffic without being concerned about its quality, you need to focus more on SEO for your blog. If you desire quality traffic instead, you should simply go for the social network traffic option. The decision depends on your requirement.

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