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Several Applications to Support Twitter Marketing

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Twitter has become a very popular and sophisticated form of social networking platform. For a startup or even established business, using Twitter’s services can be very beneficial. Several businesses have underestimated the function of Twitter because they feel that Twitter is too cumbersome and that they assume their clients do not use Twitter. These businesses have countless of other excuses for not using Twitter and this can be counterproductive. Businesses should understand the beneficial features of Twitter such as the obtaining new costumers, communicating with existing customers, observing the competition, promoting new products and sales and much more. After understanding the basic function of Twitter, there are more tools and applications that can make your Twitter experience more efficient and effective.

Twitter has a special feature called Trending Topics which ranks topics that users are tweeting most about. An application called Twidentify was developed to analyze and assess Trending Topics over a long period of time. As an example, a user can assess if the topic Taco Bell fluctuated the weeks during and after the death of their mascot Chihuahua. If a business can analyze and assess major trends subsequently they can understand fluctuations in user’s interests that can be very useful for marketing campaigns in the future.

Although Twitter is an excellent method to communicate to current and new customers, it still has its limitations. If a business would like to inform their customers of a new product or start an information heavy marketing campaign they might need more than 140 characters that Twitter has provided. Users can use a Twitlonger, this additional Twitter application will permit you to tweet with much more characters and connects to your Time Line updates thus informing more about your business or product without any limitations.

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A lot of users and businesses employ Twitter to promote their blog buy posting an article on their blog and linking a summary of it on their tweets. One difficulty about this method is that Twitter doesn’t have any features to track the link you have posted in your tweet. You will not be able to analyze the volume of people which have clicked through the link. There is a solution to this problem in which you can use Tweetburner which helps you statistically analyze the links that you post on your tweets.

Another helpful Twitter application is Twtpoll which helps you create and share a custom made poll on Twitter. Twtpoll can even facilitate polls on other social networking sites like Facebook and even for email. This application is quite easy for businesses to utilize since it is capable to reach multiple platforms. Businesses can use this application for several objectives such as naming a new product or receiving input on the quality of a particular service.

With another Twitter application called Twitterless you are able to analyze and assess your followers for fluctuations in gains and lose. You can have a concise history on your followers to anticipate losing them.

With these helpful features, it is wise and beneficial for any business to use and implement Twitter for their marketing plans and strategies. It just takes a little time and effort to see the amazing results this social networking platform can provide.

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