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Six Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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Mistakes are bound to be made during the course of your business marketing, but this doesn’t have to be a negative aspect. As long as you are aware of the mistakes you may make, and as long as you learn from them if they occur, then you can keep your business marketing strategy on track.

1- Not Seeking Help 

As hard as you try, it might simply be impossible to do what you need to do for your business alone, with the team you have. There is nothing negative about seeking external services to help keep your business on target or assist with your marketing needs. You can partner up with a marketing company like Click Intelligence to assist with SEO needs and to provide marketing services to your own clients where needed.

2- A Lack of Targeted Marketing 

It’s not enough to do a general advertisement of your business to a broad audience. Every piece of marketing you produce should be targeted to your ideal audience. This means you can create your marketing with a specific clientele in mind, making it more likely that you will be able to focus your content better and have more chance of success. 

3- You’re Missing a USP 

All your marketing should be correctly portraying your unique selling point. Without this, you might be failing to stand out from your competition, and failing to tell prospective clients why they should choose to buy from you. Be sure to understand what your USP is before you produce any marketing material, so that you can then always fit it into your content in the best possible way. 

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A USP shouldn’t be something general and broad, such as ‘better than the rest’ – any business can claim that, so your USP should show what makes you unique. Does your manufacturing process set you apart in a positive way? Are you completely eco-friendly? Do you offer faster shipping than the competition?

Think about what you can offer, and market it. 

4- Failing to Track Performance

If you’re not tracking the performance of all your marketing campaigns, you’re not going to be any the wiser whether your efforts are fruitful. Due to technology, tracking performance of marketing success and client behaviour is now even easier, and there are many online platforms you can use to do this. 

Tracking performance is all about identifying areas to improve, as well as understanding how successful your marketing has been. If you don’t know where to improve, you never will. 

5- Not Having a Handle on Your Marketing Budget

Your marketing budget should be a budget all by itself; you shouldn’t have a general business budget which then uses whatever is left to invest in marketing. 

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Only by having a clear marketing budget can you strategize how best to implement your campaigns and where to put your money, such as in paid advertising. Any free marketing you can do is always beneficial, but you will have to invest along the line. 

6- Failing to Adapt 

People, technology and marketing will change rapidly. You need to keep up with these changes, and be completely flexible in your marketing routine. Understand the behaviors of your target audience, and target your marketing towards that. 

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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