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Smart Tips for Bloggers to Make More Money Online

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Writing a blog can be a great sense of enjoyment for people, and also is a way to make some extra money. There are more than a few outlets to explore, which will generate income through your blog.


Here is a list of tips to help you make more money with your blog:


Traffic is your key to making a decent profit with your blog; therefore blogs with little to no significant traffic, will never create revenue. Some ways to build substantial traffic, is to write great content that will drive readers to frequent your blog. Do not just rely on search engines to promote your blog, plan to market your blog on social media outlets as well.

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Sell Ad Space

Selling ad space allows you, the blogger, to receive commission off of another company’s advertisement each time the ad is clicked on. To make money through this outlet, it is vital to have a consistent flow of visitors to your site daily. There are multiple services that will put ads on your blog, and give you a commission; one of the more popular ones is Google’s AdSense. The ads that will be placed on your blog, are relevant to the type of content in the blog and the readers that the blog attracts. If you choose to privately sell ad space, you can charge companies to place an ad on your blog.

Sell Products

As a blogger, you can choose to join an affiliate program, therefore selling and promoting other company’s products on your blog. For an affiliate program, there would be a link for the product that the reader could click on, this taking them to the other company’s site to then purchase the product.
Each time a product is purchased by clicking on the link, the blogger will be paid.


Review Products

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There are services that pay to write a review about certain products, and showcase the review on the blog. For each review that is written, the blogger receives an immediate payment. Some review services allow you to receive passive income off the review, for each time the product link is clicked on.

Promote Companies and Brands

If you have a strong following, companies that are relevant to your content, may approach you to promote them with your blog. This is a great way to set your own price, and help a company grow.

Before deciding to go this route for revenue, first make sure that you are not exclusively bound to the company.

At times, you might need to invest some amount in your blog to keep it going. At such instance, if you lack financial funds, opt for cash payday, which is short-term loans. They are fast and easy without requiring your credit history.

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