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Sunsama: The Productivity App and Planner Every One Should Start Using

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You have probably heard before that having a plan for each day will surely help you to be productive and organized.  It gives you peace of mind knowing what to do next and how to do it. As a result, you will be less stressed and comfortable while tracking your goals. However, it is hard to have a plan with all the responsibilities that you should look for each day. Right?

Sometimes, you feel that you have a lot to do. You are in a middle of a never-ending cycle. You maybe have meetings, work, important papers to sing, etc.

With too much going on in your day, planning seems to be extremely impossible. But today with Sunsama, it is possible.

Sunsama is a daily planner tool that will lend you a helping hand when it comes to managing your day. So, let us discover the wonderful app that will change your life for the best.

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What Is Sunsama?

Sunsama is a cloud-based calendar that was released on 17 January 2022 and created by Ashutosh Priyadarshy. It is an all-in-one daily task manager. That is, it aids you in planning, organizing, and prioritizing the important tasks that you have each day in one place be it tasks, meetings, emails, or others.

Sunsama’s Features

Sunsama has several features that will make planning a simple task. To recognize them, you should read the following:

1. A Unique to-Do List

While you will find various to-do list apps out there, you should bear in mind that Sunsama is different and unique.  You will notice that Sunsama’s to-do list has already had some pre-written things. Thus, there is no need for initial inertia. 

If you come across a new task (action item) after planning your day using Sunsama, the latter will automatically update the hours you need to accomplish a given task. The time you need to do your tasks will appear so you will know how much time you need to tackle your goals.

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Moreover, Sansama has a daily journal that allows you to recognize your accomplishments and the obstacles you encountered each day. This will make things clear in front of you preparing you for the next day.

2. Has a Pomodoro Task Timer

While in the middle of working on your task, you may want to take some breaks in between and then complete your working hours. Having a physical timer or a digital alarm clock is not convenient to set the Pomodoro hours you need.

Here comes the role of Sunsama. One of its helping features is the smart tasks timer. If you feel that you need to take a break, you can start your Pomodoro time and close the task you are working on. You can simply click the play button found in that particular task.

3. Effective Daily Planner

Daily planners are highly essential since they make us conscious and aware of how we address our tasks. Furthermore, they help us to make sound decisions and have a suitable plan to follow in order not to get lost in the middle of the process.

Today, you can reflect and write down the tasks you accomplished and those that you have not tackled yet. You may also want to add what you want to work on tomorrow.

4. More Than One Task and Calendar

Indeed, Sunsama is a functional and professional app that enables you to combine calendars and tasks on the same exact page.

Consider connecting your Google Calendar with Sunsama. Afterward, you can save your time by dragging and dropping tasks to complete them using the free slots you find in your Calendar.

5. Integration with Other Management Tools

Using Sunsama with third-party apps is possible, easy, and convenient. With one single click, the job is done.

You can use Sunsama with the following:

  • ClickUp
  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Gira
  • Github
  • Google Calendar
  • Slack
  • Desktop.com
  • Gitlab
  • Shift
  • Jira
  • And more…

6. Provides Weekly Reviews

Have you ever sat and reflected upon how your week went on? If you want to succeed in this life, you need to know how you really do the work. Sunsama has a methodic framework that takes you on a journey each week to recognize and visualize how productive you were in the entire week.

This will make the image clear for you to know where you spent much of your time and where you messed it up.

Sunsama provides you with time charts that show, in detail, what you have done in the entire week.

7. Simple Access

Along with using Sunsama on the browsers, you can also use it on Android, iOS, and Windows. If you want to use Mac, though, you need to know that it is not available. However, you can use the browser to access Sunsama on Mac. You will notice that there is no big difference as it works the same as it does on any platform.

More Pros of Sunsama

Sunsama provides several benefits. This includes:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has a number of features
  • Combine various tasks and calendars into one single place
  • It plays the role of a daily journal
  • Makes you more productive and gives you self-awareness

Sunsama Pricing

 This wonderful app does not have a free version; though it gives you 14 days free to access the premium features and get to know the app without the need to enter your bank information.

If you are wondering how it will cost you, the answer is $20 per month. This cost will open for you all the features that Sunsama contains.

There is also an annual plan if you want to pay for a year. To get it, you need to pay $16 each month. This will enable you to do some savings.

Last Words

Making a plan may be extremely hard. If you want to may the task simple and easy, we recommend installing Sunsama. This app is one of the greatest ones that will enable you to plan your day effectively and productively.      

So, do not hesitate and give it a try.

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