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Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns With Consumer Insight And Segmentation

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Marketing without an idea of who you are targeting is pretty much like driving blindfolded. It is very likely to end in tears. This is why it is essential to know your target market definitively. But how do you do that when demographics are constantly shifting?

How well do you know your target audience?

What would you use to describe your target market? You’ll probably concentrate on fundamental characteristics, such as their gender, location, jobs, and – in certain situations – a few interests.

But what if you had access to considerably more information? What if you could pinpoint each segment of your target market and learn what motivates them. Learn what interests them, and how they connect online and with whom?

That information is a marketer’s dream. It allows you to design genuinely targeted campaigns, spend less money, and achieve a significantly higher return on investment.

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What is Audiense?

Audiense has developed technology solutions and segmentation tools. However, that doesn’t begin to describe how effective it is – or how many valuable data it can provide.

It has two formidable partners. Twitter, helps pull all of that rich Twitter data about users worldwide. IBM Watson, the world’s leading AI engine, they can help answer any query about your audience.

Audiense Connect, which focuses on Twitter audiences, and Audiense Insights, which is effectively Audiense Connect on steroids. It is a tool to assist you to obtain insights about whatever audiences you choose. Audiense helps you create influential audience segments and adequately determine what makes each one tick with these two powerful capabilities. And it’s all based on inter-connectivity: who knows who, how everybody in your target audience is connected.


Audiense divides your audience into segments, which are groups of connected people and share particular interests. Segmentation is done based on how people are connected by aggregating these different segments. It also includes all public data associated with them to understand the affinities and interests that bind them together. The great thing about segmenting the market is that it allows you to figure out who your customers are. It also looks at their interests, job titles, and other demographic information. In our case, the sector “production, film” does not represent the target audience. This is not the type of audience we desire, and technology is assisting us in realizing this. From here, you can implement marketing decisions to focus your efforts on relevant demographics that relate to your brand.

How can you use Audiense Insights to your advantage?

Your target audience isn’t a homogeneous group of people with similar hobbies, genders, or occupations. People are far more complex than that, which implies your target audience is likely a diverse set of sectors. While they share certain similarities (in some circumstances! ), they are vastly different.

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As a result, the manner you target them, whether through ads or content, should also be distinct. And the more precisely you target them, the higher your marketing ROI. There are a few key ways you can use Audiense Insights to boost your marketing and ROI:

  • Identify influencers for each sector (from nano to micro to macro-influencers). This is so you can know who the most significant influencers to work with are.
  • Find the most effective sponsorship/partnership options by following: What events do your segments care about? What periodicals and newspapers do they read? What radio stations do they listen to, and what television shows do they watch? You may go into great detail here – and learn precisely what media each segment is using.
  • Create personalized communications and adverts for each group as you learn more about them. You’ll know everything about them, from their real interests (thanks to IBM Watson!) to the hashtags they use.  And you will know the material they interact with the most as you learn more about them. With this, you can produce focused messaging and content, including advertising, for each of these populations. This will increase your marketing ROI.
  • Improve the return on your advertising investment: Audiense Insights also offers the ability to modify your adverts, both online and offline, entirely. As previously said, you will know everything there is to know about each segment. This allows you to design highly tailored and targeted adverts for the network where you wish to display your commercials.

These are just a few of the ways you may put this powerful tool to work for you. Your mind will likely start whirling with possibilities as soon as you begin using Audiense Insights. That has been my experience with it. Options include researching journalists and influencers, consumer research, and, identifying new business opportunities.  Such opportunities create new products and services for different segments of your audience that you aren’t entirely targeting.

Final Word

As audience data becomes more readily available to businesses and marketers, it’s critical to make the most of it. Do this by moving away from guesses and fundamental audience insights. Insights such as gender and location, such as actual audience interests, media affinities, and so on. Even more essential, you must consider your audience in parts rather than as a whole. This is because your audience is one large, homogeneous group of people. It’s considerably more complicated than that, with multiple pieces that are all different and unique in their way. The result is the ability to connect with your target audience organically.

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