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The 5 Essential Tools You Need in Your Startup

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Technological advancements have tremendously increased business competition. That’s why managing your startup successfully and competing fairly with bigger businesses goes beyond injecting adequate seed capital. You need to optimize the processes in your business. Now, business efficacy in a startup environment is all about having the right affordable tools to help automate and fine-tune operations. Wondering which tools can help grow your startup? Well, let’s evaluate a list of top tools that you need to get for your startup to maximize productivity.

Key tools you need in your startup

A Web host & Website

For your business to compete effectively, it has to have a significant online presence. One way of establishing an online presence is by putting up a website. Ideally, a website should sell your vision and mission of your startup to your prospective customers. Remember, before the customers get to reach your business physically, they look up your startup or solutions on the internet. That is why you should have a website that markets your startup.

However, to sustain a website, you require proper web hosting services. The services involve storing your files and making them available on the internet when the prospective customer looks up for your startup. Additionally, Web hosting provides an opportunity for you to create an unlimited number of corporate emails that are then given to the employees for better and professional communication.

Online Shopping Cart

If you sell products, then it’s perhaps time to go online shopping. It is a way of globalizing your business as potential clients from across the world can access your services and also purchase your goods. What’s more important is creating convenience for the marketing experience of your prospective by adding a shopping cart to your website.

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An online shopping cart is an essential tool that is designed to make shopping easy. It has the option of adding goods that the customer intends to purchase or look at before deciding to buy. Additionally, the cart allows the customer to make the necessary calculations and make payments via a variety of options. The customer can also trace their purchasing history and make appropriate shopping decisions. It is, therefore, essential to consider adding the online cart to your website to make the customer experience more exciting.

Tip: You can use some of the most popular ecommerce CMS tools to create your online shop fast. Some of the popular ones are the likes of WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento etc.

Human Resource Information Software

You also need to manage your employees better in your startup. In this case, you need to look at HRIS solutions that improve your HR department. An HRIS is a software that increases efficiency in the employee management, processing of payrolls and management of related accounting functions within the organization. The software helps to improve the features of the Human Resource department of your organization. It will certainly help in reducing errors on sensitive processes such as the generation of payrolls and employee details.


Point of Sales system

Also known as the point of purchase system, this tool enables any vendor handling sales of goods to calculate the amount the customer owes your business in real-time then complete the transactions fast.  The tool can assist your small business in things like payment processing, inventory and customer management, payroll and accounting, etc. The beauty is that you can accept all types of payments with this tool, and it will undoubtedly improve your service delivery in the business.

Video conferencing tools

If your startup is remote or it relies on remote communication for business, then you also need tools to help. As such, you should consider adopting the technology that will enable you to work remotely or present your products and services to a global audience. Such tools include Webinar services and Zoom. These tools allow you to schedule video meetings with your clients across the globe, regardless of time difference.

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The tools present an opportunity to keep track of your business progress, learn new dynamics in the industry, and also understand the real-time needs of your clients. The live interaction with clients also presents an opportunity for you to keep your brand alive, hence keeping ahead of the competition.

Other essential tools for your startup:

These are just but a few tools, there are other necessary tools you need to use to improve your budding business. Some of the other essential ones are:

  • Cybersecurity tools like Antivirus software
  • Data storage tools-you can use local or online storage to keep critical business files.
  • Project management tool
  • Time tracking tools, especially in a remote business setup
  • Credit card processing tool
  • Collaboration tools like Slack, Google Docs, Slack, etc.


Manage any business these days demand that you incorporate technology into your operations. As a business owner, you should ensure that you find the necessary tools that will be useful in improving your business. The beauty is that there are lots of nice tools that help startups improve business processes hence leading to growth.

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