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The hits and miss of a blog feed

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Majority of bloggers today are using blog feed readers on their blogs to update their readers. Bloggers let their readers subscribe to their blog to get the latest scoops on their blogs. However are you aware of your readers’ attitude towards your blog feed? If your answer is uncertain then you should know the hits and misses of having a blog feed reader.

Misses of a blog feed

1. Not many people are knowledgeable about blog feeds particularly those who are non-techie persons. Most probably they would not subscribe to your blog. Hence you must inform your readers well about blog feeds. You can make a post about it or place it on the FAQ page of your blog so readers would be enlightened.

2. Some bloggers place their blog feed subscription box on the unnoticeable part of their page along piles of advertisements. Making it like a camouflaged. As a result, they get very few subscriptions from their readers. That’s why it is very important that you place your blog feed in plain sight so you can get more subscriptions.

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3. Using pop-ups as a way to gather more subscriptions is a no-no. Your readers would only get bothered while reading your posts. Instead of reading and bookmarking your blog they would end up closing the window button of your blog because of your annoying pop-ups.

4. Limiting the subscription options is another bad idea. Some people really love opening their emails and enjoy reading their mails rather than checking their Google readers. Thus, never omit the email option as a way to subscribe to your blog particularly when you are using FeedBurner. Let your readers have the subscription options they wanted.

5. Letting your readers know that you are editing your blog posts once it’s already published is certainly displeasing. It’s like splashing stains on your white, clean shirt. That’s why it is very essential that you double check your post before you click the publish button because if not, your post will appear over and over again. Suppose you edit your post five times then your post will appear five times on the Google reader- with errors, unfinished and uninteresting to read.

6. Offering prizes to new email subscribers can be very tricky. You have something to offer to your email subscribers but how about the subscribers on feed readers? It’s not bad to giveaway rewards but you should make the mechanics clear or else you’ll get caught up in a very tricky situation.

Hits of a blog feed

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1. Having a blog feed lets your reader learn what’s up and about on your site fast and easy. So if they are subscribed through email they will be able to know what’s up on your blog without going directly to your site. They can read your updates whenever and wherever they are with the aid of a handheld device.

2. You can easily inform your readers whether you are having a giveaway on your blog, leaving out of town or need their votes for your contest entry. No need to promote your post over and over again. Suppose you have 500 subscribers then at an instant, these people would know that you are having a blast on your blog.

3. If your readers found your post really interesting they can forward it to their friends listed on their mail contacts. In return, you get more subscribers and even followers on your blog plus more blog hits. That’s the power of blog feed.

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