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The incredible Web Summit 2015

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If you are a geek, tech savvy, startup founder, investor, blogger or even interested in the web, you should be heard about the incredible Web Summit, where all the Internet met for this year edition. And closed today doors for one of the magnificent event made for the web community.

The BlogProcess team was there, watching how this event is shaping the entrepreneurial and tech industries, how a team can try to change our world to a better one and success.

This year edition was very big, and here are some stats:
– 42,000 people from 134 countries came to Dublin this week for Web Summit.
– There were 199,054 tweets about Web Summit over the 3 days and 4 nights. #WebSummit, #audiPITCH and #Dublin were the top trends.
– 41,675 people who couldn’t make it to Dublin watched the Centre Stage via our live stream.
– 42,000 attendees explored 21 different Summits under 1,500 lights and 5km of bunting.
– They saw 21 coloured sheep (seven pink, seven blue and seven purple) in a field with one giant teddy bear.
– Over 95,000 conversations have taken place on the Web Summit app. The average amount an attendee spends on the app in one session is 9 minutes and 14 seconds.
– 1,000 speakers took to the stages and led roundtables.
– 1,231 of the world’s media came to report.
– 2,141 startups exhibited.
– 1,000 investors from the world’s leading funds came to explore.
– 2,160 office hour sessions took place for these startups to meet with investors.
– 650 mentor hour sessions happened where experienced entrepreneurs and investors offered candid advice to startups.
– Yesterday the team announced that they’re giving away 10,000 free tickets to women in tech to our 2016 events.
– In 24 hours, 1,989 female entrepreneurs have already applied.

At the end, I want to thank all the people behind the Web Summit and especially Eleanor and Media team for their support and making our mission easier that we thought.

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