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The Salvation Army Provides Moving Assistance to People In Need

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The Salvation Army is known for jingling bells as they raise money outside of shopping malls every holiday season. That might be the first thing you think of when you hear this organization’s name. Many people don’t know, however, that the Salvation Army is also helping fight back against homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Did you know that one in every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon? This seems like a small number, but when you compare it to the number of people living in the United States, that means thousands of people become homeless each year. The threat of losing your job amidst the COVID-19 crisis only serves to exacerbate financial difficulties that countless people are facing at this time.

In fact, it’s estimated that one-third of Americans have poor credit. Even if these individuals were to find temporary housing, it’s unlikely that they will be able to qualify for an apartment, let alone a home loan. With one in six people living in poverty today, it’s thanks to organizations like the Salvation Army that they are able to stay safe.

The Salvation Army is known as a charitable organization that raises money for veterans. They’re renowned for engaging in community outreach initiatives and helping spread awareness regarding growing poverty rates in the United States.

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As such, they’ve made waves during the COVID-19 pandemic where many people have lost their jobs and homes.

Not only has this organization donated money to communities in need, but they have also helped with moving costs.

It’s estimated that 35.5 million Americans move each year, for better or worse. Regardless, the cost of moving can place undue pressure on someone who is already struggling financially. Here’s where the Salvation Army comes in. You need to apply to one of their programs in order to qualify, but they can give you cash funds to compensate your move.

Here are some of the qualifications you need when you’re thinking about contacting the Salvation Army.

  • You have to show your documented income status to ascertain that you need help with finances.
  • You must confirm what assistance you’re applying for.

If you don’t qualify for moving services from the Salvation Army, there are a number of other charities you can look out for. Reach out to your community groups to see if there are any local options to consider.

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In the meantime, everyone needs financial help. Here are some of the most popular blogs that can help you save money, even during a pandemic:

  • Get Rich Slowly: This personal finance blog is great for people who aren’t into “hustle” culture or the daily grind. These are reasonable money-saving tips designed to help you accrue cash over time. Best of all? It also helps you cultivate a more positive attitude toward money and savings.
  • A Wealth of Common Sense: This blog is run by a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) so you can trust the author’s input. The blog’s creator, Ben Carlson, also has a weekly financial podcast if you prefer to listen over reading.
  • NerdWallet: This fun-to-read site offers a slew of money-saving tips and other financial stories. Check out their vast pool of archived material and see what sticks out to you.

We all need a little help during this difficult time. If you’re unable to look for charities or other financial services, consider reading a few top-notch blogs to help you make sound financial decisions in the future.

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