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The Top Five Most Popular Rentals a Construction Business Utilizes

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When you’re running a construction site, you may find a significant amount of challenges. It’s important that you have the right equipment and facilities at the right time. Not only can these services make your job easier, but helps make your crew more comfortable. Most of the time, you’re going to need to rent items for each job site. A study done by the American Rental Association indicates that the construction industry is at an all-time high for renting equipment. In fact, 93% of respondents reported having rented equipment in 2019. Consider these top five rentals for your next job site.


Most construction business managers quickly understand that dumpsters are critical to completing their job. When you have a large amount of debris at your construction site, it can take a lot of time to clean it up. Having a dumpster onsite helps save time, money, and stress. You don’t have to dispose of the trash since renting a dumpster provides a place to put all your trash and have a company remove it for you. It’s convenient and easy, and you can have it placed near your business or work site.

Porta Potties

The construction industry had over nine million people employed in the construction industry as of 2019. All of those employees need a place to use the bathroom throughout the day. This makes porta potty rentals one of the top five rentals. Not only is it a need for your employees, but it’s also an OSHA regulation. You must provide one urinal and one porta potty for every 40 employees you have at your business site. However, you should consider providing one for every ten employees.

You want to ensure you have your porta potty facilities cleaned at least once weekly. Ensuring that you offer these services to your employees and they’re in good shape keeps them healthy, safe, and happy. In addition, it helps to reduce the time your employees spend waiting to use the facilities or having to go offsite. When you rent porta potties, you want to find a company that cleans them and keeps them stocked.

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Hand Washing Facilities

When you rent porta potties for your business site, they come with hand sanitizers, but it’s often not enough. You may need hand washing facilities. These facilities provide your employees with a portable sink that has running water and soap. It also has hand dryers or paper towels. These facilities allow your employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom facilities and before eating. They can also wash materials off their hands any time they need to.

Specialized Equipment

You probably have most of the equipment you need to run your business, but there could be a piece of specialty equipment you need occasionally. If you don’t want to invest in the equipment, then you have the option to rent the most specialized equipment. Doing so saves you from large purchases of equipment you don’t use regularly. You can also rent temporary power. For example, you may find yourself at a job site that doesn’t have power, but you have a critical need for it. You could rent power poles, service panels, generators, and more.

Temporary Fencing

You may not initially think that you need fencing around your job site, but if you have expensive equipment, then you may want to consider it. There are more than 160,000 businesses in the large city of Houston. You may want to prevent the public from wandering onto your job site because this protects them and you. It gives your site an extra level of security and safety.

You never know what you might find on a new business site, and you may find that you need one of these most common rental options. So, before you get to work, consider getting one or more of these items.

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