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The Ultimate Guide to Build the Best Website for Small Business Owners

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One of my new clients asked me lately a simple question, Why do I need a website for my small business and what are the baby steps to have it?

The answer seems easy in the beginning, but each answer lead us to another question, so I was looking for a simple guide that I can send her to show her the way and how of the thing.

And While I was looking, I stumbled upon “Small Business Website Primer” a website full useful resources for small business owners made by Jason Iverson, a 15-years web and application development enthusiast.

The website presents a step by step guide to setup and runs a website and it’s organised into 3 main section:
Domain Name: A section where you can learn about domains, how to choose yours, tips to get the most of it, rules of domaining and things to avoid.
Hosting: In this section you will understand what is hosting, the difference between Shared, Dedicated and Cloud plans with the PROS and CONS of each one. Also, you will know how to choose the Operating Systems that will turn your servers depending on your website needs.
Content: This section is my favourite. You may already hear “Content is king” and this section is the guide to control the king.
You will learn things like common types of websites used by small businesses to steps on how to build each one of them and details info to help you choose the best type for you. You can also, explore the ease of use of content management systems if you want to build your own website or learn perks and problems associated with industry leading E-Commerce Solutions with guidelines to evaluate each online shopping platform options to suit your needs.

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But what makes the website great is the way Jason presents each detail. I can say that  “Small Business Website Primer” is the most organised guide ever made for this market and with a unique and easy follow design and user experience.

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