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The ultimate list of stupid SEO mistakes

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To control your site position, you must think of everything, have absolute control over every page by optimizing all until the last word.

But  there are always small errors that slip where we least expect it. Careless mistakes, errors of over-optimization, error of thinking, there are as many errors as possible SEO concepts.

But some are more stupid than others and I am proposing today a small non-exhaustive list of the 10 most stupid mistakes you can commit in SEO.


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(1) typos

I think we all agree that the most stupid mistake someone can make comes down to a ripe finger on the keyboard. The worst place where this can happen is obviously the title.

(2) similar titles on multiple pages

The title is probably the most important thing in SEO that anyone can edit. Thus, no excuse, it is essential to have a single title page. You have in theory no two identical pages (or so it’s another problem) and therefore you should not have two identical documents to avoid duplicate content and ensure a good relationship with search engines.

(3) Overriding its Meta tags and images with keywords

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Very old school as a technique, it had the advantage of pretty well. Today is already much less true and this is more like spam to the SEO.

(4) Responding to Spam SEO offers

“Post your site to 2000 search engines for only $50” or “Promote your site in 500 root directories for only $9.99”.

(5) Do not assume everything you read

SEO is a mysterious world where if we know the main roads, small roads remain mysterious. Behind this beautiful comparison, hides the fact that many things and details are far from having been proven and it is important not to assume anything you read on a blog or a site. Gather several sources, keep a critical mind, the Internet is a world where the forward was quick to believe what you read.

(6) Use of images as titles

It is true that the image is often well designed than a text. But above all, it’s much less efficient in terms of SEO. Use tags Hn is an excellent reflex to adopt for your titles and if you find them too little to include in your pages, remember that everything is editable through the magic of CSS.

(7) Making a menu in javascript

It is no secret that search engines do not speak javascript. We know the importance of menu in the SEO and especially the internal linking. Do not worry, you can always integrate javascript menus, simply provide an alternative html version for example and especially not to forget to implement a sitemap.

(8) Too many internal links

Tags clouds are very popular for their utility but also for their power of SEO. Be careful however not to exceed too many internal links per page . In the same vein, some sites stick a site map with many internal links in their footer and include them on each page as well: it can be dangerous and increase suspicions of duplicate content.

(9) Spam your links in blog comments

As the title indicates, this is spam and not SEO.

(10) Poor job semantics

Complete this sentence: the natural search is used to acquire _____ ________.

And yes, if you’ve found is that you’ve done the hard part of SEO. It was “qualified traffic” and is the basis of any reference work. It may seem obvious but more than one site on two now seeks to acquire traffic rather than qualified traffic. The difference is important and is largely in the selection of relevant keywords.

There is no point spending hours to “optimize” a site if the final is to attract users not interested (for example, choosing general keywords).

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