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Tips for Writing Content for Blogs

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Writing content for blogs is similar to writing content for ezines and newsletters, at the same time it is little different also. The similarity refers to the high quality of writing required and the differences usually refer to the style and presentation. Here is a look at some tips for writing content for blogs.


1. Always keep the readers in mind while writing the blogs’ content. Follow the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) rule. The content should be something that caters to the reader’s interest.

2. Make sure that the content is valuable and reading it will be worth the readers’ time. If you are not able to create any worthwhile content, look for some other interesting content from other people. Find articles that you can use or review a movie or a book.

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3. Also follow the KISS (Keep it short and simple) rule. Keep the shorter attention span of the online readers in your mind while writing. Be quick and get to the point as early as possible. Avoid posting long articles after long gaps and try posting some short posts on a frequent basis.

4. Simple does not mean dry or boring, make sure that your content is lively and interesting. Adapt a more natural tone while writing; write just like you are in a conversation with a friend. Also use the 5 W’s (who, what, why, when and where) to keep the interest alive in your writing.

5. Be clear in your writing, use short sentences with only a single concept in every sentence. Avoid jargons or double speak. Do not put more than one idea in a single sentence. This will help you to avoid making your readers think about the inherent meaning. Although it is not necessary to spoon feed the readers, but it is necessary to make things easy enough for them to understand. Always separate different ideas with the help of commas and dashes to make the content easily understandable.

6. Use the keywords efficiently to make the content search engines friendly. It will boost the ranking of the blogs. The more often you use the keywords in your content, the better search engine results will the blog yield.

7. After writing the blog post or the article piece choose a clear headline. Your headline should be lively and should have the important keywords. You can also make a claim or a bold statement in your headline to attract attention.

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8. After writing the content and the headline, proof read the whole thing for any possible typos or grammatical errors. Always avoid publishing any spelling mistakes. This shows that you respect your readers and their intelligence.

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