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Top 4 Blogging rules to follow on Google Penguin Update

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Google updates are as exciting and thrilling like a roller coaster ride. It is filled with emotions yet fun. The question is that do you have a standing in Google penguin update?
Google Penguin Update made a huge impact among bloggers
Although Google updates are clear and definite on its results a lot of blogger claim that there blogs are not affected with Google’s task of filtering the sites. If true, then you should check these top four rules on Google Penguin updates.




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Rule no. 1: Using anchor text on posts- Bloggers painstakingly use anchor text and link them to relevant pages on their blogs. However, this is a fail. It appears that Penguins are more interested with the other way around of putting anchor texts for back links.

Penguins hate the way we use the exact words that would match the keyword niche. Most bloggers have done this back linking whenever they submit posts and comments on related sites and listings.

Rule no.2: Effective Search Engine Optimization- Bloggers especially beginners have used a lot of time, money and efforts to come up with the best strategies in terms of search engine optimization. We learned how to use proper keywords and how to insert them effective on our blog posts with of course, the right density.

Surprisingly, Google Penguin update requires you to forget about these SEO strategies. Instead, make highly-interesting and relevant posts with your keywords on it and without the need to mention it several times on your posts. Now, you don’t have to use the keywords over and over again and optimize it because it does not impress the Penguin.

Rule no.3: Trying our guest blogging- Guest blogging is a legit and effective way of back linking because primarily, it is approved by Google. Hence, bloggers tend to target sites with the highest PRs, blogs with higher PR than our blogs. Undoubtedly, we do guest posting on these high PR blogs. However, the problem is that the Penguin can track your guest posts and once it notices that you only provide guests posts on high PR blogs they might regard it as fraud.

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The most suitable solution for this problem is to guest post on both high PR blogs and low PR blogs to make it balance. However, make sure that the blogs are legit and related to your blog niche.

Rule no. 4: Leave legit blog comments- Most bloggers are desperate when it comes to getting comments. Hence, whenever a new user/reader enters your blog and leave a comment we tend to answer every comment left on our blog posts. However, this should not be the right move because Google penguin would only consider it as spam. Instead, answer comments in a timely manner and never trick your own blog by providing fake comments.

Google Penguin Update Summary

Have you noticed that Google is using animals as Google update names? First, it was a panda. Now, Google is using penguin. Nevertheless, whatever Google uses for the next Google update the only thing that is definite is that it comes with new and improved rules in blogging that bloggers should adapt to. As business bloggers and internet marketers we take this as challenge that can help improve our blogging careers.

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