Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Top Advertising Ploys!

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After creating a great product or having some advertisement spots to sell on your blog , the next step is letting people know about it. For many people, no matter what type of product they are trying to sell, getting it out there, and then getting it sold is the hardest part. Not making a quality product.

One of the top advertising ploys or techniques is having a product sell at .99, or one cent below what you would actually sell it for. Now obviously, this doesn’t save the customer much money at all, but it does wonders for advertising. This is what happens all the time, with companies pricing a product at 19.99, and saying it is below $20. This isn’t false advertising at all, but it does make the customer think they are going to be getting a great deal, until they see the price.

Now, sometimes, when customers see that kind of price, they may feel they are being a bit ripped off because the price is only one cent off. A good way to remedy this type of situation is to think of a more random amount of cents for the price. So, instead of having 19.99 as your price, you could have something like 19.87. This will make customers think that they are getting an actually discounted item, instead of an artificially created price just made for advertising.

So now you can keep using this great advertising technique while keeping your customers happy about the price 😉 .

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