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Top reasons why numerous bloggers never earn from blogging

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Even though the numbers of blogs are increasing drastically today, not all of the bloggers or blog owners earn through their blogs. Surprisingly, majority of them don’t earn a decent income through blogging. In fact there are even blogging programs that tell you how you can profit a lot from your blog however in the end your efforts in blogging are fruitless. Furthermore there are so many bloggers nowadays claiming that they don’t really earn from their blogs. There are even articles telling about misconceptions about blogging.

Many are asking why numerous bloggers never really earn from blogging while there are bloggers that actually earn. Here are several reasons why:

  • Blogging alone– Some bloggers try to work alone from setting up their site, hosting to publication, creating a blog theme, writing the contents and promoting back links. Although you can certainly save a lot of money from doing everything, most likely you will fail because you didn’t try to maximize your blogging. There are so many things that make up a blog and you have to go out there and search for help, suggestions and ideas.
  • Don’t believe in yourself too much– Instead, set your target income. For instance, your target income for a month is $6000, work your way to achieve it. Keep your earnings until you reach your target amount and use it for reinvesting your blogs. Also, don’t forget to pay your taxes because your blog is a business.
  • Ineffective monetization– Most blogs fail in monetization. Instead of trying to make interesting content that help readers, they focus on making money and selling their sites content. Thus they get very poor traffic because of low quality content. Also, their blog ads aren’t sending traffic to their blog.
  • Jam-packed with ads– Perhaps you have stumbled upon a blog which is crowded with ads. Most bloggers fail in this part too. They placed too many Adsense on their blogs along with affiliate links. You could be giving your visitors a lot of options but you are giving them a headache too. Instead, cut down your choices so your visitors can easily choose which one is best.
  • Not enough options– If you want to earn then you have to place a couple of options on your blog how you could earn. What you need is an effective monetization method. Firstly, you have to place enough ads that would bring you traffic and more customers. For instance, your blog is a retail site then you must place the store tab where visitors could easily see it. It should have enough info about shopping, payment methods and newsletter sign ups.
  • Misleading ads- Most blogs focus on a certain topic like food, teens, relationship, weight loss and more. However most of them have misleading ads. For instance, you are writing about dating and relationship then you should place ads that fit your content. You can guarantee a good income flow through your blogs knowing that you have contents that link to your ads. Visitors would actually click them since your ads are related to your content.
  • Negative way of thinking– Actually, the biggest problem why most bloggers don’t profit from their sites is that they don’t rely on themselves. They think negatively. They look upon themselves as poor bloggers that won’t have a successful blogging career. Their outlook affects their blogs particularly the content. What they need to do is to start having positive outlook and set up their goals. It would be their ultimate key to have a promising blogging life.
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