Wednesday, May 29, 2024

USPA Nationwide Security to Assist with Protection of NYC Storefronts Amid Protests, Riots

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The international security conglomerate dispatched security contractors to man the gates where windows and doors once stood

NEW YORK CITY – Manhattan business owners have been searching the internet for immediate assistance while the NYPD is spread thin, dealing with rioting and looting in the city. USPA Nationwide Security has been called in to support the NYPD in keeping looters and rioters from destroying NYC storefronts, restaurants and chain stores amid demonstrations against police brutality.

According to Sondae Esposito, Executive Vice President of USPA, “We’re all slammed,” she told “The phones are literally ringing off the walls!”

“The assistance of our Close Protection Officers to protect the media have been requested in major cities all over the country,” said Michael Evans, the firm’s CEO.  He’s referring to the mainstream as well as independent reporters covering what usually starts out as peaceful demonstrations, but turn violent when banks, vehicles and storefronts are set on fire and businesses ransacked.

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Governors across the country have announced that members of the Army National Guard are also assisting with crowd control as well as other duties.

“Our security guards will work alongside law enforcement and the national guard to provide security to critical infrastructures and private businesses during the protests to prevent looting,” Esposito said. “Our presence here in simply to keep people safe and mitigate the loss of our local businesses, while protecting citizens’ right to protest.”

USPA Nationwide Security is a subsidiary of USPA International Security. They provide security services in all 50 states as well as 16 countries. For more information, visit

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