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Ways to Stay Healthy Working from Home from Fitness Expert Dylan Celli

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For many, working from home has become the new standard. However, it can become challenging to stay fit. In this article, yoga instructor and fitness expert Dylan Celli offers several ways to stay active and help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As the world enters its third year of the coronavirus pandemic, many people suffer from declining health, not because they are infected with the COVID 19 virus but because their regular self-care and health maintenance routines have been disrupted. If your typical trip to the gym has been replaced by extra time watching TV or playing video games, you’re not alone, but here are some ways you can get back on track and improve your health.

Eat Right

You might think that eating right would be easier when working from home. After all, there are fewer opportunities for fast food or snacks from the company vending machine. Food availability and stress may be keeping you from eating healthy.

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The pantry is only a few steps away when you work from home. You walk by the fridge all day long, and the temptation to open it and peer inside for a snack can be overwhelming. For some people, the boredom or stress of a long day can drive them to emotional eating.

The remedy for this challenge is really the same as it has always been—only now it’s even more critical. To avoid the temptation of snacking on unhealthy food throughout your day, muster your resolve to eat right before you go shopping.

Acknowledge that access to food all day has a detrimental effect on your health, and shop accordingly. Whether shopping for food online, ordering for pick up at the market, or browsing the aisles, don’t shop when you’re hungry and go with a determination to buy only healthy food. If you do, the next time you stop to peruse the contents of the fridge, you’ll find only healthy options.

Try Not to Stress Out

The pandemic and other social and political current events heighten the stress and anxiety experienced by many people. Working from home allows us to keep one ear tuned to what’s going on in the news throughout the day.

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If you can’t change it, don’t dwell on it. If you’re taking all reasonable precautions to stay healthy and safe, there’s nothing else you can do. Don’t spend too much time considering the potentially dire consequences of things you can’t control.

Exercise, like yoga and tai chi, can help reduce stress. Make sure your daily routine includes some everyday activities that strengthen your muscles and get your blood pumping.

Avoid WFH Weight Gain

A pandemic is a perfect storm for weight gain. Have you heard of the COVID 15? Well, it’s the 15 pounds that so many people have gained so far during the pandemic. People who were active throughout the day at their jobs now find themselves confined to their makeshift home office with little reason to get up and move except for a trip to the fridge.

Think about how much you used to move or how active you were before working from home. Find ways to add at least that much exercise to your routine.

If you are not already into yoga and tai chi, you’ll be surprised at what a great workout you can get with these exercises. Tai chi doesn’t require special equipment or a gym, and yoga takes little space. You can do both in your bedroom or office.

About Dylan Celli

Dylan Celli is a yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and life coach who specializes in leading people towards inner perfection by helping them achieve outward gains. Dylan primarily focuses on high-end clients: executives, athletes, and industry leaders by applying a progressive, goal-oriented strategy that improves self-confidence and inner peace.

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