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What is a vanity domain name?

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Vanity domain names are becoming very popular these days.  Since most web hosting companies will allow several domains to point to one particular location didn’t become extremely easy to use a vanity domain.

First of all what exactly is a vanity domain name?  It is a domain name the the most likely uses a popular combination of popular key words or phrases instead of simply using the name of a company or even your own name.  A vanity domain is an excellent way to take part in current market trends which can allow you to drive the traffic to your website that you’re hoping to get.



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You should be made well aware that some vanity domains will have absolutely nothing to do with the site that they are pointing to.  There are many Internet professionals that do not consider this entirely ethical however there are many companies that are using this technique to great success.  You can basically compare this technique to the bait and switch.  A customer is going to think that they’re going to visit a site that is going to provide something that they are interested in and instead the land of the website that is offered something entirely different.

There are however many ethical ways that you can use a vanity domain name and still have great success.  The first thing you can do is analyze the current market trends.  If there are any popular events that ties in well with your site’s content than you should register a domain name that reflects these trends.  There are great many Internet companies that has used this technique and experienced great success.

Another thing you can do is take your domain name and make it better.  There are too many people that end up settling on a domain name that they are and are really not that happy with.  This is the perfect time to look for another domain that is going to be able to fit the content of your site much better.

Another thing that you can consider doing is sharpening your domain name.  One thing that you always want to remember is that if the customer cannot remember a domain name they’re very likely to pass your website by.  This summer using a vanity domain name can be very useful.  Since the vanity domain will be pointing at the same site you can choose to give this domain name out instead.  So if you have a very long and hard to remember domain name that purchase yourself a vanity domain name that has a shortened version of the name or even simply the initials of your business.  It will be easier for people to remember so you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website.

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Purchasing a very popular domain name can be very hard.  You may have been able to find the perfect domain name for sale and been able to purchase it from the current owner.  However how well as domain name going to work if it is a perfectly tiny into the content of your website. Additionally you may also need to put up a statement that the domain name that you just purchased is now owned by your company and not the previous owner to avoid any confusion.

So much like purchasing a vanity license plate for your car having a vanity domain name should be a very fun and easy to remember thing to have. You can use them to point to web site that may have a long hard to remember name so that is much easier for people to remember your website.

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