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What Is Outsourcing?

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To make it plain and simple, outsourcing is the practice of obtaining goods and services from a foreign supplier. It is often used in situations where a business cannot complete certain roles themselves or are searching for a more cost-effective way to get things done.

What Is the Purpose of Outsourcing?

It is an advantage for a business to outsource as they can find someone who has the skills and resources to do the tasks they need completed that they don’t necessarily have in their own business. For example, if you are an accounting firm and you need a logo designed, it is unlikely that someone in the office will have the tools to create a high-quality logo. In this case they could outsource a graphic designer. Or, a fruit and vegetable shop won’t have the expertise of marketing. They would then benefit from outsourcing a digital marketing service.

Determine Between Outsourcing and Offshoring

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It is important to understand the difference between outsourcing and offshoring as they are two different things. Offshoring refers to either outsourcing business services to a third party overseas or moving business services to another country as a direct or indirect employer. Furthermore, it does not always involve the services of an external provider.

Why Would You Outsource?

The main reason as to why a business may outsource is to reduce costs. It is a more efficient option as instead of hiring staff from all different fields and paying for them when you only require their skills every so often, you can outsource someone for their services only when you need them. That may be for copywriting weekly blog posts on your company’s website, or it could be a once-off service when you ask an interior designer to design your café.

Outsourcing also benefits businesses as it saves time and eliminates distractions. Employees can continue with day-to-day jobs and projects without stressing about certain tasks being done. Without them having to lift a finger, work is getting completed in a timely and quality manner. All focus can be shifted towards their own personal work with the knowledge that anything extra is being done by someone else. With an ever-growing technology-driven society, outsourcing is becoming a more and more popular option for organizations. Think about how it will benefit your business and make your work life easier with 121 Outsource’s digital marketing outsourcing services!

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