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What Makes a Good Office Desk?

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Many people spend hours a day at a desk, dealing with paperwork or sitting in front of a computer. With so much time spent in one place almost every day, it’s important to have a good desk to avoid discomfort or health issues, as well as optimize your productivity. The question then becomes, what makes a desk “good”? There are three major factors to consider when choosing a desk, either in a workplace or at home for a home office.


One of the most important factors of a desk is the size, specifically making sure that your workspace is not too small. If your desk is not big enough, you could encounter a number of problems. You may not be able to fit all of your equipment like a monitor, a laptop, a keyboard, and a mouse, making it impossible to work. Even if you can fit everything, you could end up cramped and may develop stiffness, repetitive motion injuries, or other discomfort or health problems. You need to choose the right type of desk with enough space. You may prefer a corner desk or maybe a straight desk but making sure that the desk is big enough is very important.

You also increase your risk of knocking items over or onto the floor, which is a recipe for disaster if you’re trying to fit lunch or a cup of coffee on the desk along with everything else. Making sure your desk is big enough for everything including your desk decor.


The optimal height for any desk has your monitors directly at eye level so that you’re able to look straight ahead when looking at them. If your desk is too short, you may end up with back problems because you’re hunched over or looking down during the day. Taller people may even find shorter desks don’t give them enough legroom, causing more discomfort or even cramping.

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However, if your desk is too tall, you can develop neck problems from looking upwards to see your computer. You may also increase your risk for other health problems if your chair is also too tall and your feet don’t touch the ground. When choosing the height of your desk, pick one that is tall enough to give you leg room but don’t go too high. You can always supplement your desk with monitor stands to raise them to the right height.


Staying organized is one of the keys to being productive. Having a desk with built-in drawers, an organizer, or other tools to keep track of your supplies and documents is a great idea. Getting a desk with these features built-in saves you the trouble of purchasing and placing bulky pieces of furniture like a file cabinet or easily lost items like a rack or smaller organizers. It can also be a money saver to buy a desk with these features and greatly increases the value and utilization of your space. If you are a minimalist and want as little on your desk as possible, drawers are a great tool to tuck away unwanted or infrequently used items. Organizational tools and spaces are very important factors to consider when buying a desk.


If you’re considering purchasing or choosing a desk for your workspace, make sure to consider these three key things before you pick one out. They will help both your comfort and your productivity in the short and long term, and make your life much easier during the time you spend at work. While taking some time and perhaps extra expense to get the right desk for your needs may be more difficult upfront, ultimately it will improve all aspects of your life and workday to make the right choice rather than suffering through an uncomfortable or even unusable desk.

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Kat Adiver
Kat Adiver
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