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What to Expect When You Work with Resolvly, LLC

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While any type of debt can be overwhelming, unsecured debt is especially difficult to overcome. This is because the debt is not backed by any collateral. It also often includes steep interest rates. Fortunately, Resolvly is helping thousands of consumers to regain their financial freedom through debt resolution.

Our goal is to connect you with a skilled consumer law firm that can lobby on your behalf. They can negotiate your debt down or even achieve debt dismissal in many cases. When you partner with Resolvly, you can rest assured that you’re working with a company with integrity.

Exceptional Service

Unlike debt settlement companies, Resolvly will always put you first. We pride ourselves on providing elevated client care. Our professionals are responsive and helpful so that you can get the help you need when you need it.

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Consistent Communication

At Resolvly, we understand that clear and consistent communication is vital to the customer service experience. You can expect a paralegal will check in with you every two weeks. They will provide an update on your case and answer any questions that you may have.

No Hidden Fees

Resolvly’s services are extremely affordable. Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom, not to sink you deeper into debt. That is why our services are billed as a single monthly invoice. You will not incur any hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Prompt Action on Your Behalf

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When you partner with us, we will immediately get to work to protect your rights. Within three days of signing up, a cease and desist letter is sent to your creditors. This will put a stop to the hounding phone calls and emails while we connect you with a consumer law firm.

Consumer Education

At Resolvly, we care about your long-term financial health, too. That is why we strive to educate you on your rights as a consumer. No matter what type of debt you are dealing with, we can teach you how to enforce your rights.

This includes the following types of debt:

  • Credit card debt
  • Medical bills
  • Unsecured loans
  • Student loans

Among the various types of debt listed above, medical bills can be particularly harmful to your financial health. No one chooses to fall ill or experience a medical emergency. However, an unexpected surgery or treatment can saddle you with thousands of dollars in debt. In fact, a New York Times study revealed that 20% of insured individuals struggle to pay their medical bills.

Our Program

As noted above, we are not a debt settlement company. We will connect you with a legal team that is well-suited to handle your case. Once you are matched with a firm, they will get to work on reviewing your case. They will draft several options for you and help you to decide the best way to proceed.

Your attorney’s legal fees are agreed upon once your case is accepted. We even have interest-free monthly installment plans. Contact Resolvly and let us help you to resolve your debt!

Resolvly: About Us

Resolvly is a Florida Bar-approved lawyer referral service that helps clients nationwide to connect with consumer protection attorneys that specialize in debt resolution. Resolvly adds a personal touch to debt assistance, and our ultimate goal is to help clients with their current debt while empowering them to not end up in the same position in the future. We are devoted to helping our clients reach true financial freedom.

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