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Why Hostgator Is The Best Choice To Start Your New Website In Time of Confinement

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Recently, people have been restricted in moving from one place to the other due to the global outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We are now placed in close confinement and most offline activities are put on hold for the moment. Nonetheless, there is an opportunity in online businesses that will take us to another phase of business settings and reduce the negative effects that would be experienced as a result of holding back people in their houses.

Why you should start a new website in the time of confinement

We have noticed that a lot of companies have shut down during this period of confinement and the only way to keep your customers engaged in your activities is to launch a blog or website and get your corporation online.

You can’t risk losing your clients to confinement. This is why every business venture at this moment should look for higher-quality assistance and better tools to encourage the growth of their businesses. These supports and tools can be given to you online with immediate effect and no hitches setting it up.

Other reasons why you should start a new website in the time of confinement include:

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  • To maintain the unique identity of your corporation.
  • To boost sales by offering your products globally through e-commerce.
  • To bring new and maintain existing customers.
  • To encourage people to trust your company’s products.

Starting online projects like a blog and online portfolio

The idea of creating online projects like a new blog, e-commerce store, or an online portfolio is an indication that your business is about to extend beyond its present location.

Here is what you need to get started online:

  • A domain name, that is your unique brand name.
  • A web hosting space to host your web source files.
  • Building your website.
  • Website maintenance and SEO.

Why Hostgator hosting is the best

Web Hosting is simply the action taken to publish a website onto the internet. As far as this service is considered, Hostgator is preferred to other hosting organizations because of the existence of their reputable support team, modern tools they provide to manage your website files, and the speed of their servers.

Hostgator gives you exactly what you want. Whether you are in need of a WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting, you can get them all at Hostgator with options for management and control.

How to get a free domain from Hostgator

Are you ready to start your new website at the time of this confinement? If yes, Hostgator is on standby to offer you one free domain when you use their WordPress service.

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To qualify for this offer, certain conditions have to be met which includes having a profile on the Hostgator website, deciding on the WordPress hosting package to use according to your company’s needs (Cloud, Shared, or Optimized WordPress hosting), and choosing a billing period of at least one year. Once that is done, there will be an option to select any available domain name for free. Note: It only applies to domain names ending in .com, .org, or .net.


Finally, we have seen the reasons why Hostgator is the best choice to start your new website at the time of confinement. These include its powerful, reliable and secured hosting plans available for your blog, company websites and online portfolios.

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