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Why Raised Panel Wainscoting is Beneficial to Your Interior Design

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A beautiful home says a lot about the homeowners. It is a statement of purpose to the neighbors, and even your visitors will appreciate the effort you put into making your home look attractive. Most people, unfortunately, focus on their lawn and hedges, or rather the exterior of their home, and forget to keep the interior looking just as good. With a few improvements such as raised panel wainscoting, you can transform your home’s interior to looking magnificent and befitting for royalty. Here is why this simple process would add some benefits to your home.

Improving Your Foyer

The foyer, or what would act as a lobby is the front entrance of your house. It is the first place that your visitors see when they come to your house. Most people do not give much thought to this place and often leave it looking very basic. You can use wainscoting to change the appearance of this particular space.  The walls that line up your staircase leading to your main door is an ideal area to apply raised panel wainscoting

The Fireplace

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Another place to consider improving using this process is the fireplace. The fireplace is usually in the living room where you sit and relax during your free time. Instead of just living the area looking plain and basic, you can improve its appearance using wainscoting in addition to other wall decorations. It will add a little bit of class and charm to the area and the general appearance of your living room. The result makes the fireplace area more pleasant to look at especially when you have a fire burning.

Improving Your Dining Room

The dining room takes a lot of hits considering the activities that occur here. It is one of the most utilized spaces in your entire house. If you have children, this is where they will spend most of their time moving and dragging tables and chairs. It is likely to wear out faster, and as such requires constant improvement to keep it looking nice. Raised panel wainscoting adds some protective aspect to your walls, in addition to the aesthetics that comes along with the process. You end up with not only a protected environment but also a beautiful one.

Improving Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your place of solace. It is the room that you retire to after a long, busy, and tiresome day. This room should not only be cool and quiet but also as beautiful as possible, to give you some peace of mind. You could use some artwork to enhance the beauty of your bedroom space. If you want to make your walls look immaculate instead of the traditional boring colors, then you can consider wainscoting. You can always pair this with a variety of bed frames to make the place look even better.

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Interior Stairs

Interior stairs that lead to your upstairs bedrooms are also another place where you can use this process to improve the outlook of your house. Considering that you can see them while sitting in your living room, it makes sense to wainscot to enhance their beauty and that of your entire space.

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