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Why You Should Consider Doing A Mod On Your Dirt Bike Yourself

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There are many benefits to doing dirt bike modifications, such as improved durability, increased speed, and boosted performance. It would be best if you also considered adding Tokyo Mods to enhance the quality of your ride. Your possibilities when doing a mod on your dirt bike are infinite, so it’s up to you to decide how much customization is necessary. 

With that said, it’s usually best to do a bike modification by yourself. This way, you avoid having the manufacturer add some crazy mods that, despite being quite innovative, can be considered too much. In this guide, you’ll be taken through the specific mods you can do if you add the mods by yourself to improve your dirt bike’s overall riding experience. 

  1. Replace The Tires  

While your dirt bike comes with stock tires, you shouldn’t expect to experience optimal performance on them. The first thing you should do instead is to change the tires with others of better quality. These newer tires are a much better choice as they improve your dirt bike’s performance by improving its handling and offering improved traction. 

New tires can’t achieve this level of performance. This is because they aren’t specially designed for the specific kind of track you’re planning to go riding. When you’re the one who’s doing your bike’s mod, you’ll be able to assess the track you’re planning to go riding. If the track you’ll be riding is of loam or gravel, then it would be best to get soft-terrain tires. In contrast, off-road tires are a better choice if you’re planning to ride motocross, while sand hybrid tires are the ideal choice if riding through the desert is what you enjoy. 

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  1. Fine-Tune The Suspension 

Another reason why it’s best to do the mod of your dirt bike personally is to fine-tune its suspension. This is especially crucial as doing this improves how smooth your ride feels. As a result, you’ll not experience lots of shock and destruction to your shoulders and arms while fine-tuning is still cheaper than replacing the suspension components. When fine-tuning the suspension, you should consider your riding style, the terrain you’ll frequently be riding on, and weight. This way, you’ll realize a big difference in how enjoyable your overall ride is, thanks to the improved handling. 

  1. Upgrade The Exhaust 

The exhaust pipes that come with your dirt bike are usually designed to be efficient, silent, and pleasing to the eye. But if you want your dirt bike to have an improved volume, sound, and speed, the best thing to do is to add exhaust modifications and upgrades. You can do this by installing an aftermarket mod, and your bike’s performance will be considerably boosted. This way, you’ll get your deserved recognition from other riders while on the racing track. 

Aftermarket exhausts are designed to have a simplistic appearance, produce a louder sound, and are lightweight. Being lightweight makes them more malleable while riding as well as having an improved center of gravity.

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