Wednesday, July 6, 2022

WordPress Hack: remove “WordPress Generator”

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The publishing platform WordPress adds a small line for itself to advertise and clarify that the site that you find is a site using WordPress.

Except that in addition to reporting that it’s WordPress, it goes to show the current version.It is not embarrassing, except that each version has its security problems…

Past one of this codes in your functions.php file.

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// Remove the WordPress Generator<br />
function remove_generators() { return ''; }<br />
add_filter( 'the_generator', 'remove_generators' );

You can also say that it’s WordPress without specifying which version

// Change the WordPress Generator<br />
function change_generators() { return '&lt;meta name=&quot;generator&quot; content=&quot;WordPress&quot; /&gt;'; }<br />
add_filter( 'the_generator', 'change_generators' );<br />

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Hamza Mikou
Hamza Mikou
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